Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seed starting: Brussels sprouts

Today,  I started 24 Brussels sprouts seeds. They are hanging out on the seed heating mat.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To my Baby Kangaroo - week 16

This was the week of Christmas. We only had Christmas Day at our house. Christmas Eve at my Great Aunt's house was rescheduled to New Year's Eve because one of our cousins had the flu.
You received a ton of toys. I got some noisemakers for you. You got a sock monkey from one Grandma and a Raggedy Ann doll from the other Grandma. 
I love when you smile. Sometimes I can get you to giggle, but I have to make funny noises at you for several minutes before you giggle. 

To my Baby Kangaroo -Week 15

I know, I know.... I am really behind with posting photographs. This week, Daddy went hunting again, bow hunting in alternative season. We didn't get a deer, though.
Here you were still standing on my old Art History textbook when in your jumper. Now, your legs are long enough that you touch the floor without needing the book. 
I wanted to post this picture to show how difficult it is to get a picture of you. You are always moving!

To My Baby Kangaroo - Week 17

This week we went to my Great Aunt's for Christmas on New Year's Eve. Always tons of delicious food, and you received lots of presents. Here you are with your uncle Daniel. 
Here you are with your sock monkey. You like to chew on its ears. 
I love this onesie; it says "Mommy's little piggy" on it, which is so fitting because you snort when you eat sometimes. 
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