Sunday, June 29, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - 6.29.14

This week you are about 3 pounds, and between 14 and 18" long.

Symptoms this week?
Intense hunger, again. Just this morning, I had several pieces of bacon, a pile of fried potatoes with salsa, and a pile of bing cherries and blueberries for breakfast. I was stuffed. And half an hour later I ate a mug full of wheat Chex because I was starving.
The pain in my tailbone/buttcheek flared up again. But I did quite a bit of sitting this week trying to catch up at work, and driving to your cousin's baby shower several hours away.
I do not feel as rested when I wake up. I am usually a morning person, but this week it took longer for me to kick the groggy feeling.

I am starting to freeze meals so that I don't have to cook as much when you arrive. Last week I made an extra pan of lasagna, and today I made a big batch of meatballs. I think we'll end up with about three meals of meatballs. They are great for spaghetti, but we've also put them on hamburger buns before for meatball sandwiches. Some other items on the list to make include enchilada casserole and a big batch of tamales.

This week I pulled out some blankets from my hope chest for you. One my MiL made for your dad; it is a quilt with cacti on it. I also found my yellow and green afghan from when I was a baby. And a fleece blanket for if I pass out feeding you in the rocking chair. I bought an ottoman this week and am still looking for a nightstand or short dresser. I would like somewhere to put a table lamp, snacks and a water glass.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 6.22.14

We're entering week 30. You are approaching or at 3 pounds, and will continue to gain about 1/2 pound per week until your birth. So far during pregnancy, I've gained 12 pounds. (Which was after I lost four pounds in the first 2 months. I was hungry all the time, but couldn't seem to eat enough to maintain my weight!)

I had a checkup this week. Starting around week 30, the doctor is able to measure the size of my uterus. So from each appointment forward, he'll measure from my pubic bone, over my belly, to the top of the uterus (which is about at the base of my ribs). That measurement in centimeters should be the same as whatever week I'm in. So this week I measured almost 30 cm, and I was not quite 30 weeks at that appointment.

I mentioned that I was given the wrong glucose solution for my 1-hour test, and the doctor mentioned that lab tech is no longer employed at the office. Apparently that wasn't her only screw-up. He apologized several times for wasting my time with the unnecessary 3-hour test. Which I appreciated.

The clothes I ordered for our maternity photo shoot came in. I ordered skinny jeans from Old Navy, which I wore to work yesterday. They are so comfortable. The only issue I have with them, which I am now having with all my maternity pants, is that they roll down under my belly. But it's summer, and it's too hot to wear maternity pants with a full panel. So if I am too annoyed to deal with pants, I wear a dress to work. (Better ventilation that way, too.) I also ordered this shirt and this jersey-knit cardigan from Motherhood Maternity. I figured the shirt can be worn for nursing too, as the buttons are functional. Now I need to figure out what props I want in our photos. I want to crochet some baby items that you'll wear in your newborn photos. It's hard because I have no idea what size you'll be!

I continue to workout at the gym. This week I lifted weights twice and did cardio several days. I also worked out in the garden and orchard.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shades of Green

The garden is looking great - the cow manure really helped it this year. The hardest part is keeping on top of the weeds. Which aren't too bad in the areas where I mulched with straw. The areas without straw mulch are impossible to access for at least a week after it rains, but also have a lot more grass/weeds growing in them. Especially a lot of these prickly weeds that grow in the cow pasture that hurt to pull and hurt to step on barefoot. Unless you find them when they are really little and they don't have the pricklies on them yet... 
View of the whole garden
Left to right, foreground (background): beans (corn), eggplant, kale, carrots (acorn and summer squash), beans (onions, shallots, spinach and lettuce mix, beets), corn and cucumbers(potatoes and cauliflower)
The Illini corn is not growing; I need to replant corn in that area. The lettuces are starting to bolt, so we won't be able to eat them much longer. The beets really didn't do well; hardly any of them germinated. And they were fresh seed. I think next year I'll buy from Baker Creek because I've always had good luck with their beets and lettuces. The potatoes are flowering. The beetles are finally leaving the beans alone enough that they can grow.
Tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, all interplanted with herbs and walking onions
There are tons of tomatoes set on, and a lot of the tomatoes and peppers are blooming! I've been using the cilantro in dinners lately. Looking forward to caprese salads with all those tomatoes and basil.
Red Zebra
Yellow Pear
Concord Grapes
Bruce Plums - I ate some before I took the photo. These are small plums, maybe 3/4 the size of an apricot. Sweet and tart at the same time.

To My Baby Kangaroo - 6.15.14

You are 29 weeks this week, and your Dad's first Father's Day is tomorrow. I got him a card; I didn't know what else to get him since you aren't here. A "bestest dad" mug for his hot chocolate? :)

This week you are getting close to 3 pounds, and closer to your birth length - probably in the 15" to 17" range right now.

Symptoms this week:
When I bend over for extended periods (think: adding/removing items from the washer/dryer, rummaging in lower kitchen cabinets, weeding the garden), you kick me as though you're letting me know I'm squishing you.
I woke up several times this week with almost-charley-horses in my right leg. But I also haven't exercised as much this week.
I also woke up to pee a lot more often this week. And then couldn't get back to sleep.
I was extremely hungry again this week. Several days I was so hungry I ate all my snacks and meals, and actually went to the grocery store mid-afternoon one day to replenish my snack drawer. Pretty hilarious, and slightly annoying!

I anticipate I'll start showing varicose veins on my legs soon.... they are hereditary.

We took an infant CPR class on Wednesday night. If we ever need it, your Dad and I now know how to perform infant CPR and what to do if you're choking. It's one of those skills I don't want to think about, but I'd rather know it and not need it, rather than need it and not know what to do.

Our maternity photos are in a month, and I have some clothes on order for that photo shoot! I hate that I had to order clothes, but there weren't any locally that fit or that I liked, and I didn't feel like driving two hours... So far I've liked the way Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity clothing has fit, so hopefully what I ordered will fit well! (Otherwise, I probably will need to make a trip to St. Louis! Which might not be too difficult after all, since I'll be up that direction for your aunt's baby shower in two weekends.)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden Journal

I'm 28 weeks pregnant, but I'm trying not to let it slow me down!

Today, I planted eggplant (2 from the farm), and about a dozen blackberry plants. Of the ones I transplanted last year, only 4 or 5 survived (jury is still out on the 5th one; it had green leaves last week but they're shriveled now...). I also mulched around all the blackberries, the cherry bushes, and started mulching the grapes. Then I ran out of mulch. I have a couple more grapes and the blueberries to mulch still.
I tried to weed in the garden, but we got rain this week and even though I could walk in the garden in the straw mulch aisles, when I pulled weeds they came up with huge chunks of mud. So I'll wait a couple days and try again.
A lot of the tomatoes are blooming, there is at least one tomatillo set on, and a lot of the peppers are setting on blossoms. There are also blooms on some of the potatoes.
The Golden Bantam corn and the green beans I planted last weekend have sprouted. The Illini corn is slower, and there's only one visible sprout in the entire area I planted.

A couple more garden projects in the near future:
Installing t-posts and wire for the grapes. Translation: the Hubs has some posts to drive...
I also am going to try to re-plant the Early Golden Apricot and North Star Cherry. This will be the third cherry tree. All three trees were from a local nursery, but the rest of the trees were from big box stores and have not needed replaced. I hate to support big box stores, but when I have to replace the trees so many times, it's not worth my time.
And, I also need to replace a couple raspberries. I purchased four on clearance last fall and two of the four have survived. We'll see if the store will replace them; they have a one year warranty on plants, but I'm not sure they honor that on clearance plants...
Figure out stakes or more cages for the remaining tomatoes. Cages are expensive, but the best option.

To My Baby Kangaroo - 6.8.14

This week was your first trip to Kansas City. Your dad's truck had a bent rear axle, and the closest place he could find to fix it was in Kansas City. So we took a whirlwind trip, less than 72 hours, (over 10 of which was on the road!) and spent a few nights there. While there, we also visited your aunt Lyndsey and uncle Jason (Jacob's half-sister and her fiance), and your two cousins. We got hooked up on baby stuff! The girls have outgrown some items, and we came back with a collapsible bathtub, swing and jogging stroller. We also received a diaper bag FULL of goodies, both from our registry, and items Lyndsey loves for her girls. (And your dad received an outdoor kitchen book - more inspiration for our back patio!)

We are in the third trimester. (EEK!) You are about 2 to 2.5 pounds, and I will start gaining close to a pound a week for the remainder of pregnancy. You move all. day. long. Still not regularly enough that your dad can feel you move, but enough to be distracting while I'm reading, working or doing whatever. 

My joint pain does not feel as bad, especially when I'm at work, and I believe it's due to sitting on the pillow I bought last week. I sat on it for the trip to/from Kansas City and felt pretty good, too. The worst part is getting out of bed. This week I noticed slight swelling in my fingers and toes. I think it's due to not exercising or walking and sitting for so long, and due to all the fast food and junk food we ate on the road. It's difficult to eat healthy when traveling!

This week, we are taking an infant CPR class at the hospital. It's one of those things I hope we never have to use, but I'll be glad to know how to do infant CPR in the event we ever do need it.

Yesterday I hung the curtains in your room and put away most of the items we received. I think your room needs some artwork or photos. 

Our maternity photo session is officially booked for July 12. We have mid-morning photos in the park; I hope it's not too humid that day!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 6.1.14

We started our last week of the second trimester today.

Yesterday, we set up the crib in the second bedroom, moved our computers to the living room, and broke down the full size spare bed so we can post it Craigslist. We'd keep it, but we don't have anywhere to store it where it won't have mouse friends.

Your bedroom is really bright right now, but I bought black out curtains. Target only had 3 and we need four, and I haven't bought the curtain rods yet. There's really no rush yet, and I'm waiting for a coupon or sale to buy them. I'm also waiting to buy an ottoman (with storage space inside) to use while nursing, and to store blankets in.

I bought a table lamp and shade a couple weeks ago (on sale!), and still need to find an end table/side table to put it on. The table will also serve as a place to put my drinks and snacks while nursing. We looked for one last week on the big yard sale but didn't see anything we liked. And your grandpa is working on repairing and refinishing my great-great grandma's rocking chair. I'm not sure what other furniture we'll need.

This week you are about 2 pounds and about 15 inches long. You may start to recognize my voice now, so I may start singing to you.

My hip/pelvic joint was hurting so bad this week that I bought a coccyx pillow. (Don't ask me how to say that; I have no idea!) This type of pillow has a cutout for your tailbone. I leave it on my chair at work and it seems to help; I don't hurt as bad at work. I almost think I need another pillow for the couch.

This weekend we are going to Kansas City. We'll hopefully visit your Aunt Lyndsey and cousins while we're there. (And maybe come back with some of the baby stuff your cousins have outgrown!) I hope I remember to take that seat pillow - sitting in a truck for 5-6 hours is not going to be comfortable!

Homemade baby items

I've found several projects to make for baby girl....Above are leg warmers. I also have a purple/blue/green variegated yarn to make these in.
Also a hat and anti-scratch mits. I also made a hat in solid yellow. 

And burp cloths. These are so expensive in stores! I made them with patterned flannel and terry cloth. I have a total of 8 so far (2 owl, 2 zebra, and 4 footprint). I'll wait until after my baby showers to see if I should make more. I figure I'll need a stack of clean ones in the baby's room, our bedroom and the living room. 

I have other items in the works, but I'll wait until they're complete to share!

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