About Me

I grew up on a 100+ acre farm in southeast Missouri. We raised a lot of vegetables, had a small orchard, cows, pigs (until I was in middle school) and chickens (just since junior high or so).
I helped my grandparents and parents with the garden for as many summers as I can remember. We put away a lot of our garden by canning, and I spent numerous days in the kitchen with my mom or grandma canning beets, tomatoes, green beans, fruits and jellies.

In 2003 I moved to Springfield, MO for college. After graduating in 2008 I stayed in Springfield with my husband. We purchased a home with about 1/10 of an acre of land in an older neighborhood (our house was built in the 1930s). I had a raised bed garden because the soil in southwest Missouri is very rocky, and tillers and lawnmowers alike do not agree well with the lawns there. I had 4- 4'x8', 2-4'x4' and 1-3'x8' raised beds. The 4'x8' beds had vegetables, which were rotated each year. One 4'x4' bed had strawberries and mint, the other had rhubarb, garlic and herbs, and the 3'x8' had asparagus. Additionally, my husband built me a 10'x14' greenhouse. We started working on it in January 2009, and had it closed up enough Spring 2011 that I started some plants in it.

In the fall of 2011, I accepted a job offer in the southeast Missouri area and moved back home. I am a licensed architect, and my job is the City's plan reviewer. I review commercial and residential building plans, site plans and am on the stormwater review team. My husband and I purchased a home on three country acres and planted an orchard and about a 1400 square foot garden.

On my parent's farm, we have cows. A couple years ago we started a new flock of chickens that produce over a dozen eggs a day. We started raising honeybees to help with pollination and hopefully harvest honey from yearly.

I'm enjoying life in the country again. I forgot what it was like to hear crickets and spring peepers at night instead of sirens, trains and speeding cars.

My husband and I are expecting our first child this September. I can't wait to teach her about country life, animals and gardening!
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