Friday, February 28, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 1/18/14

This week I bought a Bellaband from Target. Think tube top with elastic at the top and bottom in addition to all the spandex. It holds your pants up when you aren't able to button them anymore. It came in handy this week on Jeans Friday - my jeans were digging into my belly just a little and the bellyband made it so I could leave the button undone and my zipper would stay up. Genius device. Also, it only cost $16, which is a lot cheaper than maternity pants. And I'm not near ready to buy maternity pants.

We started telling selected friends this week about you. Next weekend we'll tell my mom's side of the family at our Christmas celebration. Last week I ate lunch with your great-uncle Joe and I thought I was going to spill the beans. We went to Olive Garden, and everything creamy was making me nauseaous - not a good thing when both my favorite soups there are creamy. So I got a calzone instead. The tomato sauce gave me horrible heartburn.

This week, I felt really bloated at the end of the week. Yesterday at work I could not get enough to eat. Same thing today - for lunch I made a grilled cheese sandwich and made myself wait half an hour before making a second one. I'm trying not to gain weight during this first trimester, but it's hard to not eat when my stomach is growling so much. Even drinking plenty of water didn't help.

In addition to aversions to creamy foods, I can't handle seafood right now. I really like fried fish and shrimp, but I can't do the texture right now.

Last weeked, I also found out that you'll have a cousin born around the same time as you - Uncle Will and Aunt Danielle are also expecting in August. I'm already dreaming of trips to the zoo!

I may be going to a conference for work in mid-April. By that time I'll be about 20 weeks pregnant - hard to believe I'll be halfway to meeting you. We are converting to a new software this year - we'll be close to wrapping it up by the time you arrive.

I am thinking about dropping my gym membership. As a City employee, I get free access to our two fitness centers. I used to go to them, but got annoyed at the broken equipment and all the people that were there. But cancelling my gym membership would free up a lot of money - almost $700 a year. I'm concerned if I stop paying for a gym membership that I'll stop going as often. Part of the reason I go now is because I'm motivated by the $55 per month I pay. I want my money's worth!

I know it's early, but I've started thinking of what to put on your registry. I would like to buy a lot of the big stuff used if possible. Your aunt Lyndsey offered to give us the dresser and bed that your cousin Lilah had. They are thinking of getting her a big-girl bed. I can't believe how fast she is growing!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - 1/12/14

Last night we announced your impending arrival to your grandparents. I made sugar cookies shaped like baby carraiges and iced them with your anticipated arrival date. After dinner,  your Dad and I announced we had made special, customized desserts and packaged them in individual boxes. We delivered them to the table. My mom opened  her box and noted they were pretty cookies. Then both grandmothers read their top cookies that said "Grandma" and both said "OOhh" a the same time. And then said "It's about time!" I heard my Dad chuckling, and my brother didn't say anything, but ate all of his cookies. I still need to deliver Grandma Betty's cookie box.
This week, I had my first doctor's appointment. The OB/gyn came recommended from a friend who is also pregnant. I think we'll get along just fine - he preaches everything in moderation. He recommended I gain between 20-35 pounds over my pregnancy, closer to 20 since my pre-pregnancy BMI was in the obese range. I've gained about a pound since my pregnancy started. Even though it isn't much, my pants are fitting weirder.
The symptoms I had this week included sore breasts yet again (I think I'll need to buy bras the next size up soon as I am currently experiencing boob muffin-top in my bras.) I also had a lot of nausea this week, even when I was keeping my meals spaced out. I tried ginger candies but they didn't help much.
The doctor calculated my due date as August 31. Seems fitting that you'll be a holiday baby (Labor Day), as I was almost a New Year's baby and your dad was almost a Halloween baby. Right now you're about the size of a kidney bean.
I'm not sure how gardening is going to work this summer; I think I'll need a lot of help weeding and harvesting this year!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 1/5/14

This last week was pretty uneventful. The only symptom I continue to have is painful breasts. I am grateful I have not been plagued with nausea or food aversions.
My first doctor's visit is this Thursday, for lots of lab work and examining my lady business. When I made the appointment, they said there wouldn't be an ultrasound so your Dad isn't planning on attending. But future visits, he'll be there. I compiled a list of questions to ask the doctor, and I'm sure I'll add more before Thursday.
I started looking for books on pregnancy and the first year of baby. There are several that I'm thinking of buying. These books continually show up on lists of "must-have books for moms":
Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Pregnancy (very good book)
Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth (not worth it, glad I can resell on Amazon...)
The Happiest Baby on the  Block
The Baby Book: Everything you Need to Know about your baby from Birth to Age Two
I also came across a pretty hilarious pregnancy blog: Especially check out the Awkward Pregnancy Photos, Cake Wrecks- Baby Shower Edition (I swear I'd die of laughter if someone made the cupcakes for my shower. You'll know which cupcakes I'm talking about once you get to them.), and Porn for Pregnant Ladies (there isn't any total nudity, sorry). Pregnant Chicken has a good list of books, but the books I chose were also on lists when I googled "best pregnancy books".
Yesterday, I took Freddy to the vet for his rabies shot update. He was very well-behaved in the car; it was just me and him. Usually my brother or dad rides along to contain Freddy. Yesterday I put a sheet all over the backseat and let him roam as he wished. He stood or sat on the seat and looked out the passenger window, and then he would get bored and come to the driver side window. I could tell he was nervous because I gave him a treat at a stop sign and he took it and then spit it out. It was even one of his favorite treats, a Beggin Strip. After the vet visit, we went to Hardee's and got bacon egg and cheese biscuits. It is forecast to get really cold and snowy this weekend, and so mom and dad gave Freddy a bath yesterday so he could stay inside. Then in the evening, I got a phone call from dad, who thought I'd like to talk to Freddy. Mom put me on speaker phone and I talked a little; I'm sure the pooch was wondering "where is Mom's voice coming from?" haha...
I know there's probably nothing I can do to help ensure that you are not allergic to Freddy or the cats. I sure hope you don't take after your Dad in that respect. I'm going to ask the doctor but I have a feeling he'll just look at me like I'm stupid. I've read that the first 6 weeks post-delivery should be pretty tame in the exercise realm because everything is healing. I was hoping I could walk Freddy as part of my recovery. But I don't know how you'll react allergy-wise. (And I hope Freddy doesn't think you're an overgrown squeaky-toy.)
I'm hoping to tell our parents next weekend. I'd like to have a family dinner after we get more information from the doctor on Thursday. I'm 7 weeks along right now. You are 1/2" long, the size of a big blueberry. Your arms and legs are paddle-like, your face is starting to take shape, your pancreas, liver and heart are working, and your brain is taking shape.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To my Little Kangaroo - 12/29/13

Well, I scheduled our first set of labwork and office visit. By January 9, I'll be just shy of 8 weeks pregnant, I think. I am supposed to come prepared with a list of questions for the doctor - I'm sure I'll have plenty.

The nurse told me to start prenatal vitamins including DHA, as well as an additional 800 mcg of folic acid. I'm to stop all other vitamins, including fish oil. Prenatal vitamins are expensive compared to multivitamins - $18 for 90 days compared to $12 for 300 days! I was also told one cup of coffee a day is OK. I went ahead with my regular strength training routine and some cardio last night. Definitely feel a little more out of breath now. The nurse said to keep my heartrate under 140 - do you know how hard that is? Walking at 3.5 mph with a 1% incline puts my heartrate over that! I'm hoping to talk to my personal trainer next week about modifying (again) my strength routine. We just changed it up last week, when I was pregnant and didn't know it! I also want to discuss the heartrate limit with the doctor.

This week, my symptoms have been increased thirst, slight cramping, and sore boobs/nipples. Without that last symptom I would question my pregnancy even existing. I was surprised that the OB/Gyn didn't require a blood test to confirm as soon as I called her.

This week you are the size of  lentil and starting to grow your human features.

Last week, your Dad melted my heart. He came home, said his typical "Lucy I'm home" at the door, and gave me a kiss and hug. And then he leaned down and spoke to you and kissed my belly.

Monday, February 24, 2014

To my Little Kangaroo - 12/24/13

The last couple weeks I've felt a little off. After reading lists of pregnancy symptoms on several websites (, webmd, mayoclinic, and a couple mom-blogs), I decided to take a pregnancy test last night. So I rushed through my workout at the gym, rushed to the grocery store for some last minute Christmas brunch items, and rushed home before your Dad got home so I could take a pregnancy test.

As expected, there were two lines. The second one was faint, but it was there. My grin was huge. I took a picture of the test, then put it back in the package and hid it from your Dad, in case he wants to see it later.

My "off feelings" the last couple weeks?
Last week:
Low grade fever for three days
Lack of appetite
(Implantation) bleeding?
Saturday, I was getting dressed and asked your Dad if my boobs looked bigger; they weren't fitting in my bras and felt HUGE
Extreme thirst

This week:
My boobs hurt, mostly in the nipple area
I had a dull ache/cramp for most of the day Monday, very UNlike a period cramp
Nausea/upset stomach before each meal. You know that feeling you get when you smell someone else's vomit? That's what I've felt like. If I snacked, the feeling subsided.
Extreme thirst

Today is Christmas Eve. I worked this morning, and called the Doctor's office to see if I could get in for a blood test. The Doctor's office and all the labs are closed for the holiday. I'm telling your Dad tomorrow. It will be seven years tomorrow since the day he asked me to marry him, and I'm going to ask if he's ready for a Baby Kangaroo.

This week you are 1/4 cm long, your heart started beating, you look like a tadpole, and your major organs are forming.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some updates

Most of the pepper seeds I planted have sprouted. The broccoli and cauliflower are ready to transplant into larger containers.

Yesterday was really nice outside - upper 60s - so I took advantage of the warmth and worked outside. I fertilized some of the fruit trees (I would have fertilized them all, but I ran out of fertilizer), and gave all the planters that have bulbs a dose of bone meal. I also pulled back the mulch from the strawberries and gave them and the asparagus a dose of super phosphate.

My garden calendar says this week is the week to plant spinach and root vegetables. But the garden is really wet - like you step in and sink 4" - so there's no garden work going on yet. I also need some manure from the farm before I start planting.

I also worked on the planter bed retaining wall. The portion I'm working on now is the farthest away from the rock and block piles so far. I'm about to turn the next corner of the house, but we need to figure out what we're doing with the patio in the backyard before I get too much farther.

On the home front, the Hubs and I are expecting a baby the end of August. Each week since I found out I was pregnant, I've been writing a blog post to what we've deemed our "baby kangaroo". I plan to publish those blog posts so I remember what happened each week of my pregnancy.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pepper planting

Today I started seed for poblano, jalapeno, banana, Chinese giant peppers (4-6" red bell peppers), Carnival mix peppers (mix of multi colored bell peppers) and yummy pepper mix (these look like the little bag of peppers from Aldi).

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Starting seeds

Last weekend I started broccoli and cauliflower seed. I have (3) six packs of cauliflower and (1) of broccoli. The seed was from last year, so I wasn't sure how well it would germinate. Almost all the cauliflower has come up, but less than half the broccoli.

Later today or tomorrow I will plant seeds of peppers and eggplant. I bought a mix of sweet pepper seeds, and I have seed leftover from previous years for poblano/ancho, jalapeno and banana peppers. This year I am starting the peppers a couple weeks earlier than last year, so hopefully they will be a little bigger at transplant time. The eggplant is also old seed, so it may not even germinate...

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