Sunday, May 25, 2014

To my baby kangaroo - 5.25.14

Sharing some belly bump photos from the last several weeks. It's crazy how different the bump looks depending on what I'm wearing
Week 21 - also known as the week I stopped wearing my pre-pregnancy shirts to the gym because my belly poked out the bottom of the shirt. Looked a little white trash. 
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
Week 25
This weekend was the big 100 mile yard sale. I don't typically go to yard sales, but we took advantage of the cheap baby clothes... We were looking for some furniture too, like a night stand for the baby's room, and some of the large items from our list like a jogging stroller, pack n play and high chair, but didn't see anything we liked. We got all these clothes and a baby tub for $16.75.
0-3 month
3-6 month
6-9 month
(Um, yeah, the ultrasound better have been accurate, or a little boy may wear a red skirt at Christmas time. ha!)
9 month

This week you are the size of a head of cabbage; I believe it after looking at belly photos. You are about 1-2/3 pounds and are continuing to put on baby chub. 

This week you were moving around a lot. At the doctor's appointment, your heartbeat was 140. 
I asked about the joint pain I'm having in my hips and the doctor said the best thing to do is have the baby. Then it goes away. He's such a hoot... then he said there are some stretches I can do, or use a heat pad or take a hot bath. And he said to not stop moving. Which is a relief; I was afraid he was going to tell me to stop weight lifting and walking but he said to keep exercising. 
This week I peed more often. Several nights I got up more than once.

I had a doctor's appointment this week, and my one-hour glucose test. Which I failed. They said the cut off is a blood reading of 140 after one hour and mine was 153. But I don't see how the test can be accurate at all. There was the equivalent of 3 Sprite cans worth of sugar in an 8 oz bottle that I had 5 minutes to drink. And they didn't take a blood sugar reading before the test; it seems like you'd want to know the "before" reading for comparison... So I have to schedule the 3 hour test within the next two weeks. Because we all know I have tons of time to take off from the office, and a free morning when I can be out of office for that long. NOT! 

Garden update

We are still having issues with little beetles on the green beans. The beans are barely growing because their leaves are being eaten so quickly. I go out and squish beetles several times a week and dust with Dipel Dust and Diatomaceous Earth, but I'm not sure it's helping! The beetles fly!

Yesterday I planted a row of green beans (topnotch yellow and bush blue lake) and corn (golden bantam and Illini). I think some of the tomatoes are getting ready to bloom. They look so much healthier this year, I think due to the cow manure Dad brought over.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

But wait, there's more gardening to report!

Feeling rather ambitious today, I might say. Especially for being 6 months pregnant. (Which makes it increasingly difficult to bend over to plant things because well, my uterus is probably cantaloupe size, a baby kicks me if I am bent over too long, and I get lightheaded sometimes when I stand up too quickly.)
The day started off with me making this cream cheese coffee cake for breakfast. Note: next time, try not to have pregnancy-brain when making. The recipe called for 1 stick of butter in the cake, plus 3 Tbsp of butter in the struesel topping. So I pulled 2 sticks of butter out of the fridge and didn't realize until the cake was mixed and ready to bake that I had in fact put two whole sticks of butter in the cake. And I had to get more butter out for the struesel. In an attempt to salvage the cake, I added a cup of flour and 1/2 cup of sugar. The original recipe called for 3 cups total flour... I think it helped because the cake actually ended up cakey. And delicious. And next time it will get an oatmeal struesel topping instead of a flour-sugar struesel topping, which wasn't crunchy enough.
After breakfast, the Hubs and I decided to work on cleaning out the culvert at the end of the driveway. Technically, it is not our property and we have an easement over the neighbor's property to access our house. But the neighbor just has a hunting cabin out here and doesn't visit too often. When it rains really hard, the culvert can't let the water through because it is so full of sticks, mud and leaves. So we pulled a lot of it out and put it on the side so it will dry and we can burn it next weekend. Because everyone loves a leaf and twig fire to celebrate Memorial Day weekend... (Let's hope the weather cooperates and isn't too windy.)
Then I transplanted the flowers and hostas that I wrote about in the last garden post.
Then I ate lunch and went over to the farm. And helped my brother find kittens that were in the old farm house attic. I could hear them from the main floor, but even with a flashlight we couldn't see them. Then my brother realized they were in the floor. Like between the 1x wood flooring and the sheetrock ceiling. So he pulled up some of the flooring and we found 7 kittens. I think these were the same kittens that were under the BBQ grill a couple weeks ago. So we put them in a wood container and put them in the toolshed. We'll see how long the momma cats leave them there. And if they can find another way into the attic, since we worked on closing up the window. I also found kittens in the fence row. And Dad found more in the garage that are presently behind the garage, hidden under old Ceramo pots.
So then I came back to my house and watched the Hubs work on his shop until he asked if I was ready for him to rototill the garden. Why, yes, that would be fabulous.... And now two hours later, the remaining peppers and tomatoes are planted and mulched with straw. I also planted marigolds, basil, parsley, dill, cilantro and chives between them. I planted a row of acorn squash and summer squash (although the seed is two years old so it might not come up). And a row of kale, lettuce and carrots. (The lettuce I planted several weeks ago may be ready to start eating this week!)
Needless to say, I'm sunburnt and tired, and I have a feeling walking will be a chore tomorrow with this joint pain I'm experiencing. (Which my mom informed me today she also experienced during pregnancy...)

To my Baby Kangaroo 5.17.14

This week you are about a pound and a half, and about 13-1/2" from head to toe. Your hair is starting to grow, your little legs are finally getting chubby, and your lungs are getting ready to breathe.

I found the name for the joint paint I'm feeling: sacroiliac joint pain. From what I've read, tylenol and not moving are two ways to make it not hurt as much. But sitting still for the next several months sounds like a bad idea. I'll see if the doctor has any other recommendations. This Friday is my next checkup and also includes the dreaded glucose test. I've had such a sweet tooth the last several weeks. I hope that's not a indication of gestational diabetes.

I received an invite to your great aunt and uncle's baby shower in June. I RSVP'd, knowing that the only reason I won't be able to go is if the doctor gives me travel restrictions. I've been checking out their baby registry to see what I want to buy for them. 


I accomplished a lot in the garden today. I put straw mulch around the potato plants and down the aisles. Yesterday I planted cauliflower in between the potatoes. They are companion plants, so we'll see how that works. Today I also planted the walking onions from Grandpa Ettling between the tomatoes. Hopefully if it continues to stay sunny today, the Hubs will rototill the rest of the garden so I can transplant the pepper plants.
I also transplanted some plants. When we first moved in, the water softener was washing away the dirt in that area, so I planted some hostas and flowers that are salt-resistant in that area. The grass has really taken off by the water softener recently, I think because we switched to a different salt. It's more expensive, but less likely to kill grass. So I transplanted the hostas, purple coneflower, daylilies, lilies, white salvia and a fern to the dining room window area. I need to add more rock mulch around the transplants.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

San Antonio

About a month ago, I was in San Antonio for a conference for work. There were five of us ladies, from different departments in the City, that attended. Our hotel was right on the Riverwalk, and was about a 10 minute walk from the Conference Center. 

We ate a lot of good food. This was a chile relleno and cheese enchilada plate, with rice and beans. The chile relleno was unlike anything I've had before - in addition to the typical ground beef filling, it also had walnuts, raisins and onions. Then was battered and fried, and topped with a warm salsa and white cheese. 
Our hotel was about 2 blocks from the Alamo. We were unable to go inside the Alamo because the times didn't jive with our conference, but were able to walk around the outside of it.
We also took a boat tour of the River, and the tour guide highlighted different attractions. Such as this building, which was designed in the 1920s to look like the bow of the Titanic. 
There are several sculptures visible from the River tour. 
Our conference center was also on the tour - there's actually a covered walkway that goes over the river, connecting the two sides of the conference center. 
There was a full moon one night we were there; it was the rare "blood moon". I went to the rooftop pool to take photos, but at 10pm, it was still all white and full. It didn't turn red until later, around 2am. The Alamo was visible from our hotel roof. 
See the building below with the multi-colored rectangles? Those changed color. San Antonio also has an observation tower, like Vegas and Seattle. We didn't have the opportunity to go up in it, but it was near our hotel. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 5.10.14

Today is Mother's Day. I don't know if it counts as my first or not, since you're still in the womb. But I received a Mother's Day card from my sister-in-law and thought it was very thoughtful. And my mom wished me a happy Mother's Day when I saw her last weekend.

Today starts 24 weeks - you are 6 months now. Shit's getting real. We bought a crib/changing table combo (used, off of the Facebook SEMO yardsale group), today we are going to look and possibly purchase a used jogging stroller, I bought a baby carrier and infant insert off Ebay that arrived this week, and I'm supposed to be compiling names, addresses, and baby pictures of me and your dad for two different baby showers. One is for family, and one is from my work friends/family.

Your dad and I discussed the different items we've been buying. We know they're in good shape before we buy them, so they are safe. And we would rather spend $50 on a jogging stroller rather than a friend or family member buying the $180 (near identical one)from our registry. Then friends and family can focus on the smaller items! We're keeping our eyes out for other items, too.

This week you continued to move. Usually midmorning, late afternoon, and right around bedtime are when you move the most. It feels more like you are doing flips in there and less like the karate chop movements I felt early on. My upper legs and glute muscles continue to pain me when I sit or walk for an extended period of time. It now feels like my hip joints are separating. I know it is due to the relaxin hormone, and this is a good thing to be so limber, but I'm still going to ask the doctor about it.

This week you are about 1-1/3 pounds and the length of an ear of corn. You're supposed to gain 6 oz per week now. Which means I'll gain at least that, and start to REALLY look preggers!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Garden update

I accomplished some in the garden today. I planted another half row of green beans, and a half row of corn. I mulched in the aisle between the tomato plants - hopefully I'll be able to walk in the aisles after a rain now.

I planted the two rose bushes that I bought last month. Another Tropicana (that went by our bedroom window)and another yellow rose. I'll have to look up the name because Oregano is what is coming to mind but I know that's not it!

I also got bunching onions from Grandpa Ettling and a redbud tree. Not sure where the tree is going yet, but the onions will go in between the tomatoes for now.

To My Baby Kangaroo - 5.4.14

You are 23 weeks this week. 

Yesterday your dad and I started the baby registry at Target. There are still a couple items that we are unsure of, that are important items of course, like the crib and dresser. I'm also still considering adding baby-food making supplies to the list, even though we won't need them for several months after you're born. 

Yesterday we also went to  yard sale that had a lot of baby stuff and bought a bouncy seat that vibrates. It reclines for an infant and also sits up straight as a toddler chair. 

I started making some crocheted baby items. I made this hat from a pattern I found on, in the 3-6 month size. At the same time I think, whoa your head is going to only be the size of a grapefruit at 3 months? And I'm also thinking, whoa, a head almost a size of a grapefruit will be exiting my lady business in four months? Eek! I am currently working on a pair of baby leg warmers in variegated purple-blue-green Sugar & Cream yarn. I have a thing for pudgy baby legs and I hope you have them!

Symptoms this week:
Increased hunger
Increased feeling of fullness - which means lots of small snacks and not eating so much at meal times. 
You are moving more. Last night you were poking me really hard, so hard that I woke up. I walked around and poked you back, trying to get you to move and that didn't help. It wasn't comfortable whether I was sitting, laying, or standing. 
My nipples hurt - this was the first time in several months. I put some lanolin on them and they felt great again. 
Stretch marks appeared on my belly yesterday. 
Nasal congestion - I don't know whether to blame Spring time for this or pregnancy. I'm sleeping with an extra pillow.

This week, my breast pump arrived. Several months early. The company works with insurance to provide a breast pump free of charge. It's a double electric pump by Medela. It wasn't supposed to be here until a month before my due date... But at least it is here and I have one less thing to worry about. Now I need to find a cute bag to put it in.
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