Friday, December 7, 2012

Inside and Out

The building where I work was built in the 1930s and served as an elementary school. Originally, the building was heated by coal. Now, we use natural gas and the 60' tall chimney is no longer necessary. For several years now the chimney has been in pretty bad shape, needing either tuckpointing or removal. My first architecture project with my own seal on it was a brick project here at City Hall, which along with renovating the porch at the municipal court entrance and rebuilding a wall on the north side of the building also included demolishing the excess chimney. 

At this moment the demolition crews are reducing the height of the chimney, brick by brick. 
Yesterday, I, as well as several coworkers, had to evacuate our offices because the demolition crews were removing the large concrete chimney cap. This morning, the crew is back at it, despite the dense fog, and this is the view out my window. Along with the sound of falling mortar and bricks as they are deposited into a bucket on the crane. 

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