Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last 2 weeks of harvest + Looking forward

 Tomatillos, black cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, red zebra tomatoes, romas, green beans, soybeans, and a cucumber
 Peaches, bell pepper, onion, shallots, parsnips and carrots
Tomatillos, cucumber and green beans

With these tomatillos, I made a sauce served over chicken thighs and brown rice with sliced avocado and sour cream. 

 Yesterday I was driving up the driveway and looked off to the left and out of nowhere, there is a pear tree loaded with pears. Not a pear I planted, but one that came with the property. I guess we didn't notice it last year because it was so dry? I also noticed 2 more persimmon trees, which gives me 4 total persimmon trees. MMMmmm. Can hardly wait for fall!

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