Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feeding the garden

Today I harvested a cuke, an acorn squash, and lots of tomatoes.

I also gave a fertilizer spike to each fruit and nut tree, fertilized around the blueberries, cherry bushes, blackberries and raspberry. You read correctly, the blackberries (4 out of 5) and one golden raspberry are finally growing. I have 3 red and 3 golden raspberries in the ground which have already been replaced by Burgess once. I think I'll call the rest a loss and look for potted raspberries at the end of this season or early next year. (Or if anyone knows where I can get raspberries free for the taking...?) For more blackberries, I'm going to transplant some from the farm.

The North Star cherry tree (sour cherry) is officially dead. I started snapping branches to see if any were alive and green, and they all snapped off dead... I'm going to attempt to replace it at Sunny Hill, since I still have the receipt from last October, but I'm not expecting them to replace it. Turns out, there is a 5 year myke warranty tag on the tree. I don't remember being offered that warranty, which requires the purchase of a package of mycorrhizae, otherwise I would have purchased it. (I was offered that warranty when I bought our Christmas tree and bought it.)

I checked on the pear tree that came with the property today, and the pears are still hard as rocks. I'm not sure what variety the pear is, but it looks similar to Red Barlett, D'Anjou and Seckel on wikipedia: green with a red blush. The pears are smaller than Bartletts I've seen.

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