Saturday, December 6, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - Week 12

In addition to the small Thanksgiving at our house, we also had a big family gathering on Saturday at the farm. Here you are with your uncle Daniel, being lifted into the air and back down again. (And your grandma Wilma is in the foreground, but I accidentally chopped her head off. Sorry Mom! lol)
You are able to sit up by yourself better on the couch now. Sometimes you still fall over to the side, but for the most part you stay however I sit you. Unless you decide to lean forward and then you faceplant and get angry. Guess your abs aren't very well developed yet, huh? I started giving you a bath in the regular bathtub. You've been taking showers with me for a couple weeks now. When it's time for me to wash off I put you down in your bumbo seat at the back of the shower. When I put you in the bathtub by yourself you are also in the seat. It's made out of a sealed foam so it doesn't soak up any water. Sometimes you hold on to a little rubber ducky; your grasp is getting stronger. (It's been really strong for awhile when it comes to yanking out your Momma's hair!)
I don't like to put pants on you because they don't fit very well over the cloth diapers. But this week it was chilly several days and your leg warmers got lost in the mail. I actually contacted and they resent the order. They were supposed to arrive last Friday and never showed! And the USPS website doesn't recognize the tracking number! But there is another order on the way, so hopefully they arrive soon and then you won't need to wear pants. lol
This week you had a slight cold. Thursday morning you seemed fine, and we ran a couple errands in town. When we got home, your nose was all stuffed up and you had a lot of drainage. I suctioned out your nose but you still sounded like Darth Vader. There's not much to do for a baby with a cold except keep your nose cleaned out. So I used the saline spray several times, along with the nose bulb. And then we sent your dad to pick up a humidifier on his way home from work (the one I bought in college finally bit the dust - apparently 10 years is the lifespan on a humidifier?!) Our new one has slots to put Vicks menthol pads in it, and will probably come in handy for all of us! I also put a thin layer of Vasoline on your nose and the area between your nose and mouth because it was getting raw from all the drainage and nose-wiping. Today you are sounding a lot better. You've slept in the rock and play the last couple nights instead of the crib because you can sleep at an incline; I thought that would help with drainage. (I always sleep with an extra pillow when I have a cold so my head and neck are inclined!)

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