Saturday, December 20, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - week 14

Last week we took you for a photo with Santa at the mall. This Santa was pretty awesome with a real beard. He tickled your feet and his elf-photographers were really good at getting you to smile. 
We spent some time last Sunday at the farm. Your dad was testing out his new gun and bow (alternative methods deer season started yesterday), so we hung out inside with your grandma. I think, just maybe, she is a proud grandma. Maybe. :)
Here you were sitting on the couch and turned sideways. You kept looking at me like, "what did I do?"
You continue to drool all. the. time. The upper portion of your onesie is nearly always soaked. I'm thinking maybe you need to wear a bib all day?! You chew on your fingers, on your blankets, and your stuffed toys. You take a pacifier, but only when you are going down for a nap or for the night. 

We are still cloth diapering. I wash diapers twice a week. Usually once on Saturday or Sunday, and then again Wednesday or Thursday. You are still wearing disposable diapers at night, but only because we were given a diaper cake for your shower and I can't exchange opened diapers... It is giving me a chance to figure out how to cloth diaper you at night though, too. During naptime you completely soak your diaper, so I need to try different combinations of inserts. 

I am still pumping at work. When I first started at work, I was pumping at 930am, lunch and 330pm. But I now usually drop the lunch time pump, unless I don't get much milk at the first pumping (I usually get 9-12 oz at the first pumping). You need 12 oz while you are at the sitter, and I usually pump 15 to 20 oz per day, in addition to what you breastfeed in the mornings and evenings. The excess gets frozen. My goal was to breastfeed you for at least 6 months; I don't see any reason why we can't go longer than that with all this extra milk! I notice on Mondays that I don't pump as much, and I think it is because I don't stay hydrated enough on the weekends. I would love to completely avoid formula. 

You typically sleep 930 to 6. Sometimes you sleep the entire time, sometimes you are up once a night. I hear about the 4th-month sleep regression and am not looking forward to you being up more times! 

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