Tuesday, January 8, 2013


... I've taken a hiatus from blogging. Partly because I was afraid I would rant and scare people off.

I decided I didn't care if I scared anyone off. So here's the rant.

A couple weeks ago I was behind a customer in line at the grocery store who was discussing taxes with the cashier, and complaining about having to pay taxes on a new Ipad if purchased at the local Best Buy. So she bought it online and didn't pay taxes.

I didn't say anything even though I wanted to. Here's what I would have said:

You remember the snow we got yesterday? Were the streets cleared when you left your house to go to work? Your sales tax pays for the snow removal equipment and employees, as well as road salt.
When you went to work, were the traffic lights and street signs in their proper locations and in working order? Your sales tax pays for traffic control.
Do you enjoy time at the park in the summer, playing on the playground equipment or bbqing with friends? Your sales tax pays for the playground equipment, pavilions and bbq grills, and for the lawn mower and the people that maintain those parks.
When you have an emergency, does the Police or Fire respond in a timely manner? Your sales tax pays for the communication equipment, police and fire vehicles, and their salaries.

If you don't want to pay taxes, realize that these services may not be around. You may not have a plowed street after it snows, Police and Fire may take longer to respond, the grass may be overgrown at the park, and the bbq may not even be available anymore.

Just know that you had the choice to pay sales tax and chose not to. So that means you don't get to complain when these services aren't up to your par.

Additionally, you had the choice to keep your money local and help not only our local economy, but a local employee. Next time a local store closes, think again about where you spent your money. Did you support a local store? Did your money even stay in the same state?

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