Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pepper update

This weekend we went on a 3-day trip to Indianapolis to a Corvair event. There were some cool cars there, and we got to see some friends from the Kansas City club, but mostly the event involved tech sessions. Different Corvair owners discussed how to do certain things like rebuild a fuel pump, which I'm sure would be more interesting to me if I was the Corvair owner in the family and needed to do this task. I took my Nook and read.

While we were there, our friends Tracy and Michael got married. It was a simple ceremony with a Mexifest themed reception. Delicious nachos, burrito fixins and, of course, Tracy-ritas.

When I returned home, the new tomatoes (Red Zebra and Dinnerplate) had sprouted, so I moved them under the grow light. The purple coneflower also sprouted. Last night I noticed some of the banana peppers finally sprouted. While we were gone, I finally received the Poblano pepper seeds I ordered and planted them Sunday evening.

Speaking of Poblano peppers... they are some of our favorite peppers. We remove the seeds and then stuff them with cheese or rice or beef and bake them. They were the hardest seeds to find this year. None of the local garden store carry the seeds. I wanted to plant a lot of seeds so we could freeze extra peppers and was told by one garden center that I should just wait for when they receive the plants. Excuse me, but $1.50 for a packet of seeds is a lot more appealing to me than buying a dozen plants at $3 each... And it's more exciting to see the seeds sprout. (This whole miracle of life thing gets me everytime - how many dozens of peppers will that one small seed produce?)

Anyway, I was going to order seeds from Burpee but they were completely sold out of Poblano seeds. Baker Creek didn't have any listed in their catalog. I did an internet search and found some on Localharvest.org Check out this website - there are tons of seeds, flower bulbs, honey, homemade goods, etc - all from small farms. I ordered Poblano seeds and the Red Zebra and Dinnerplate tomato seeds from the website and received information about the farms  as well - both located in Tennessee.

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