Friday, March 22, 2013


Somebody (named Freddy) gave us a pretty good scare on Wednesday night. 

About 8 pm, the Hubs and I had just sat down for dinner when I got a frantic phone call from my brother. "Something's wrong with Freddy". He was trembling/shivering uncontrollably, even though it really wasn't that chilly out (about 40), and he wasn't walking very well due to the trembling. I decided to finish eating dinner and then head to the farm. But then I got a text message that Freddy seemed to be getting worse. I told my brother to call the vet and then I left for the farm. 

I met my brother and Dad at the Vet. I've never seen a dog shiver so much. The vet took his temperature, which was elevated. He said for dogs, their normal temperature is 101, but Freddy's was 103 and change. He thought with the elevated temperature, Freddy probably had an infection. So he gave him an antibiotic shot and a shot to help calm his nerves (so he wouldn't shake so bad). Then he asked to keep Freddy overnight. That was nerve-wrecking. 

I left his stuffed raccoon squeaky toy for company. Usually when his toys squeak, his ears perk up and he starts wagging his tail. That night, he didn't even move to acknowledge the squeaking.  

I missed the Vet's call yesterday morning and was so scared to listen to the message he left, afraid he was going to say we had a deceased family member. But that wasn't the case - he said Freddy was back to normal and could come home. 
Victory Lap "See if you can catch me!"

Freddy came home from the vet yesterday and he had his regular spunk back. My brother and I played fetch with him and snuggled with him for a while.  
"I brought you the tire to throw for me again!"

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