Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garden Update 5.9.13

It feels like forever since I've written a garden update. Mostly because it's been so rainy and wet (I'm not complaining!) that I couldn't even walk in the garden.

I was caught up on plan review and my other projects, so I decided to take a couple hours off this afternoon.   There's rain coming in the forecast, and today was 80s and sunny - perfect time to plant!

I planted:
Kandy Korn sweet corn
Illini sweet corn (supposed to be good for freezing and canning)
Black turtle black beans
Soybeans (mmm edamame)
Kentucky Blue green beans
Some sweet peppers - napoleon, and some of the sweet mix I started from seed
The rest of the tomatoes I started from seed - yellow pear, thessaloniki, black cherry, dinner plate, red zebra
Artichoke seed- this is 4 years old so it may not germinate
Transplanted the 2 rhubarb plants
Perennial and annual flowers at the end of the garden to attract pollinators: zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, dianthus, bachelor buttons

I need to remember next year to start the pepper seeds earlier and the tomato seeds later. My tomatoes were getting really leggy, which meant I buried a lot of the stem, but they were REALLY leggy. And the peppers (and tomatillos) were still really small - they could have used another 2-4 weeks inside.

I'm going to try to convince the Hubs to roto-till the garden tomorrow if it isn't raining. I would like to plant cukes, zukes, watermelon, squash, cantaloupe and pumpkins soon, but hoeing the garden when it hasn't been tilled in several rains is backbreaking. (This is possibly evidence that I could not be a pioneer woman- I like my power tools. But, if I was pioneer woman, I also wouldn't be reviewing building plans as my primary job; I'd be planting a garden and looking after children, so I'd have more time to dedicate to planting a garden. I'm 28 and already looking forward to retirement. Hopefully I'll still be in good enough physical shape that I can garden when I retire!)

On other notes:
Our bird feeder is attracting several different birds: cardinals, goldfinches, indigo buntings, mourning doves and (possibly) wrens - or some other small bird.
We put up a hummingbird feeder last week after seeing a hummingbird outside the window. It was back and feeding less than an hour after the feeder was installed!
There is a swallow of some sort (looks like a barn swallow nest but more mossy) on our garage. This morning I saw fuzzy chick heads poking above the nest.
Rembrant tulips are beautiful! I'm going to buy and plant more this fall. I like them better than monocolor tulips.
It appears the Blue Spruce, raspberries, blackberries and cherry bushes from Burgess did not survive. I'll be notifying them I need replacements soon.
Our spruce order from the Missouri Conservation Department came this week. The trees are the same size or bigger than the ones from Burgess. They'll be planted this weekend, as well as the daylilies.

My garden plot looks a lot smaller now with planted rows.

The lettuces and root vegetables are really slow growing. I'm afraid they won't get any growing in before they get too hot and bolt. After they come out of the garden, I'm going to direct-sow broccoli and cauliflower. I started some from seed but am not sure where to put it. Once the cucurbits, more corn and more beans are in the ground, there won't be room for brassicas.

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