Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So I remember this awesome day.

Today was a pretty awesome day. 

We have a new city council member, and this morning the city engineer and city manager introduced the new council member to our department. The city manager introduced me and basically said that I'm an asset to the City and the lives of developers are a lot easier thanks to me. My supervisor tells me I'm doing a good job sometimes, but it is much more awesome when the city manager says it to my face while introducing me - makes me feel like I'm doing my job right!

Then at lunch I went bra shopping. Turns out I've dropped a band size and a cup size in the last six months. No wonder my bras weren't fitting right... This also reaffirms my thought that my boobs are the first place I lose weight. 

And yesterday, I got my tetanus/whooping cough booster at the County Health Department. Apparently I'm the only person that keeps their vaccination record; the county nurse said I should hold onto it because it's a "relic". (I store it with our birth certificates and car titles; I figure my vaccinations are pretty important information!) The nurse that gave me my shot yesterday was the same nurse that gave me my 6 month-newborn shots 28 years ago. She was reading through my vaccination record and kept saying "I gave you THAT shot, and THAT shot..." And she was really good. I didn't even feel the needle go in my arm. In fact, I wouldn't even believe she gave me a shot, except that my arm has been a little sore all day...

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