Sunday, June 9, 2013

Garden Report 6.9.13

Today was a rather productive day in the garden. It's not even noon yet and I accomplished all the garden chores I wanted to do today (except for one).

At this point, until I start harvesting, I am finished planting seeds. Unless, of course, I have to replant seeds again.

Today I replanted:
all the cucurbit family items: watermelon, cantaloupe, three varieties of cucumbers, acorn squash and summer squash. Of all the seeds I planted several weeks ago, only about half a dozen plants have emerged.

Illini and Kandy Korn sweet corn - because only about a dozen plants came up in two 20' rows - pretty disappointing saying the seed was this year's seed

I planted, for the first time:
2 half rows of Iochief and Golden Bantam sweet corn, and a whole row of Early Bird Garden sweet corn. The latter two are left over seed from last year.

a row of Top Notch yellow bush beans, and a row of Topcrop green bush beans

American Flag leeks where I harvested Karina peas - I pulled the pea plants because they were starting to yellow/die

I also planted marigold seeds between some of the tomato and pepper plants

Yesterday I hoe-ed between all the rows and today the Hubs rototilled between each row.

I put a slow release 14-14-14 fertilizer around all emerged plants. This way I'll know which seeds were replanted. I also put a combination of Dipel Dust and diatomaceous earth on the peppers, potatoes, beans and cucurbits. I put the dusts in one of the Hub's old socks and shook it around each plant. So much easier than a shaker!

The only chore left to do is mulch the strawberry and asparagus plants with straw. I may do that later this afternoon.

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