Friday, June 7, 2013


On our three country acres, I have a garden that is about 1400 square feet. Almost the same footprint as our house. 

We have unwanted visitors to the garden - the neighbor's horses, deer, and probably smaller critters that I haven't seen yet. 

Last weekend my dad and brother came over to help install the electric fence. My supplies included: 
a bundle of electric fence posts (kind of like rebar with an anchor on the bottom)
a bundle of t-posts
a spool of polywire
2 bags of electric fence post insulators
1 bag of t-post insulators
solar powered electric fence
ground rod

Installing the ground rod

My brother looks rather happy about pounding an 8' ground rod into the ground.... good thing it rained a lot recently and went in pretty smoothly.

I am missing a couple pieces that I didn't realize I needed, so the fence isn't electrified yet - hopefully it will be this weekend.

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