Sunday, June 23, 2013

Raindrops keep falling on my head

I had no idea it was going to rain yesterday. I shy away from watching the news and forecast on the weekends because most of the news is depressing and if I'm at home most of the weekend I can change clothes to accommodate the weather.

Yesterday afternoon it poured down rain. Two inches per my rain gauge. I'll always welcome rain because it helps the garden and orchard grow. But I had been waiting all week for the garden to dry out so I could weed (we had 3 inches earlier in the week).

Right before the rain started, my replacement plants from Burgess arrived in the mail. They have a great, hassle-free replacement policy. They don't even ask you to send back the dead plants, just the shipping label. About $100 worth of plants had to be replaced. They had been in the ground for over a month and were not greening up at all. I asked for replacements for:
Blue spruce x 3
Blackberries x 5
Red raspberries x 3
Gold raspberries x 3
Cherry bushes x 4
Creeping phlox x 6
Rhubarb x 1

Early this morning, I donned my galoshes and replanted everything. I also took a walk to check out the Norway Spruce that I ordered from the Conservation Department this year. On the lower side of the property, 5 out of 19 trees are alive. On the upper side, 19 out of 25 are alive. The differences: the upper side was planted with leftover Myke from when I put our live Christmas tree in the ground, and the upper part gets more sun. I expected the lower side to have a better survival rate because it is partly sunny and wetter. I ordered 50 trees; I have two leftover in a bucket of water, and the rest were DOA.

Yesterday, we bought most of what we need to finish the kitchen island: 2x4s, wainscoting (for the backside) and a butcherblock countertop. We were going to do concrete countertops, but I was dreading the dust all over our furniture and carpet, and the amount of time it would take to make the countertops, and was really concerned about cracking. An 8' butcherblock countertop cost us $160 at Menards. If we like it on the island, we may replace the remaining countertops, which are currently a (nonlovely) forest green marble laminate.

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