Thursday, September 18, 2014

One week post-partum

I'm amazed at how much my body has changed in the last week. The previous 10 months were a pretty gradual change, but the last week has been a lot more sudden. 

This picture was taken Monday, September 8, right before I jumped in the shower for the evening - about an hour before the contractions started that would turn into Baby A. I had stopped wearing my wedding rings only the week before because they were leaving indentations on my fingers and by midafternoon at work I was taking them off and putting them on my desk anyway. (I was afraid someone would walk off with them, frankly, as I work in an open office setting and the guys in the same room as me are pretty oblivious when people walk into our room. On at least 3 occasions, baby gifts have been left on my desk when two of the guys were in the room and none of them noticed anyone walk in and put something down...)

Week 41, day 2

These next couple photos were taken Sunday, September 14 (only 4 days after delivery). I was able to wear my wedding rings that day, although they aren't on in the photo because I typically don't wear them around the house. (Especially when I'm not a new mom, because I don't want to lose them or their diamonds in the garden, or get them grimy while making dinner or cleaning house. Now, I don't want to scratch Baby A.)
Week 1 day 4 (or "week 42 day 1")

And these photos were taken this morning, 8 days past delivery. 

I might add I still can't see my toes, but not because of my belly. My milk came in and my "shelf" got a little bigger!

I know I should not be worrying about my weight, and I'm not. I'm just rather impressed that my body has bounced back so quickly. Just for vanity's sake, I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy pants earlier this week and they were only about an inch from buttoning. I have not been dumb enough (or brave enough?) to step on the scale yet. My bump looks about the same as when I was 3 months pregnant and I assume that's about how much I weigh at this point. 

For now, I'm concentrating on continuing to eat a well balanced diet to produce milk for Baby A. I'm also moving around - over the weekend I walked to get the mail by myself (remember this is a .3 mile round trip, with hills both directions) and earlier this week I strapped on the ErgoBaby baby carrier and took Baby A on a walk to the mailbox, too. She seemed rather content with the infant insert (keeps her head from wobbling around). Granted, she was freshly fed and diapered and pretty zonked in a milk coma...

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