Wednesday, October 15, 2014

to my baby kangaroo - Week 5

Your neck control continues to improve! You are able to sit up and watch me when I work on laundry.

snuggle time with dad

Grandpa visited on Monday. You were a little grumpy at the end, but you were getting hungry and ready for a nap.

You get playtime on your mat everyday. You found yourself in the mirror and like to look at yourself. Today I bundled you up and we picked a bucket of pears. We don't need anymore of them canned - still working on those from last year. But I think I will dehydrate a lot of them for snacks.
Tummy time to practice neck strength!  You held your head up for at least 30 seconds!

We went to a consignment sale yesterday morning. Everyone in line commented on what a good baby you are. You barely fussed and fell asleep in my arms. Granted, I fed you before we left the house and took a bottle of breastmilk with us in case you got hungry while we were shopping. You stayed asleep in your carseat for another 2 hours after we got home.

This weekend your aunt, uncle and cousins visited from Kansas City. Your cousins are one and two years old and they were excited to swing you and spent the whole weekend pointing at you and saying "Beebee". I can't wait until you're all old enough to play together. 

All of our cloth diapers arrived and are washed and ready to use. We have 13 bum genius elementals, 4 bum genius 4.0s, 4 bum genius freetimes and one bum genius flip with 6 inserts. I tried the freetimes and elementals on you Monday for about 8 hours. So cute! I'm ready to use up our disposable diapers so we can make the switch.

This week you continue to flash big grins. Sometimes you'll be nursing and will stop to grin at me. Makes the late nights and early mornings easier to deal with, for sure. Last night was pretty rough sleepwise. You didn't go to bed until nearly midnight, and then woke up crying three times. I ended up snuggling on the couch and sleeping there with you until about 2, and then put you in your rock and play and slept the rest of the night on the couch. And of course you woke up hungry at 5:45. And I find it impossible to take naps during the day. I lay down and rest, but rarely fall asleep. My mind is busy thinking of things I want to do, like dismantle the garden and compost/mulch around the fruit before it gets too cold.

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