Thursday, October 23, 2014

To my baby Kangaroo - Week 6

This has been a busy week for us. Baby A's six week checkup was on Monday. She weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz (up from 7 lb 8 oz birthweight), and 22.5" long (up from 21" at birth). 

She has gotten in the strange habit of flipping me the bird while she's eating. Sometimes her hand is resting against her cheek, like below, and other times her hand is resting on my boob...

She is full of smiles now. She doesn't quite giggle, but she will hold her smile for awhile if you ask to her smile and smile really big at her. She also smiles while she is silently pooping (if she has a gassy poop she grunts).

She still curls up on my chest to take naps. 

And she curls up with Daddy to watch TV. 

She is getting really good at holding her neck up. And she scoots around when I lay her on her playmat. 

Since Halloween is around the corner, I busted out the Halloween onesies... She kept putting her arm in the way, but it says "Daddy is under my spell"... So true, too :)

This outfit also has a pumpkin on the butt, and she wore bright orange socks with it:

Baby A is still sleeping from 10/1030 to 4/430 every night, and wakes up for the day around 7/730. On the weekends we run a lot of errands and have a lot of visitors, and she doesn't get her naps as often. This makes her grumpy and really difficult to get to sleep. 

This week she hung out with me outside in the stroller while I pulled up the tomato cages and stakes, and pulled the plants to put into the compost bin. I still have a few more tomato plants to pull, and still need to remove the electric fence, and dig the potatoes and carrots. And we need to put manure on the garden and around the fruit still... 

I had my six week appointment yesterday. The doctor said I am healed up nicely...I am down 10 pounds from my weight at the time I found out I was pregnant, according to the doctor's scale. 

After the doctor's visit, I took Baby A up to my work and she got passed around to all the ladies... She missed her morning nap because we were leaving the house for the doctor's office at that time, but she fell asleep being held at the office. Ugh - I can't believe I go back to work part time in 3 weeks...

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Wilma said...

Haha... and she is giving the peace sign in the pic with Jacob! She's really growing fast. I'm glad you take lots of pictures.

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