Wednesday, October 29, 2014

to my baby kangaroo - Week 7

You are all smiles! You smile during diaper changes, while looking at yourself in your playmat mirror, while you're pooping (especially if no farts are involved), and randomly you stop nursing to flash a toothless grin. 
Last Thursday we started cloth diapers during the day.  My intention is to keep using disposables at night since we have several packages still,  but you slept at least one night in a cloth diaper.  I don't have quite large enough of a stash yet.  My plan is to wash Sundays and Wednesdays.  We had to wash every other day so far.  There are more diapers in the mail. 
When you are awake,  you are very alert.  
I think you are in another growth spurt this week.  You are sleeping and eating a lot and sleep best when snuggled on my chest. In order to get anything done,  i put you in the moby wrap. This is also how we walk to get the mail and go shopping. 

This week your grandma came over and watched you for a couple hours so i could work in the garden.  I got all the tomato cages and stakes pulled,  dug our sad carrot and potato harvest,  and dismantled the electric fence.  Now we need manure! We are also going to lime the yard and orchard. 

We already have issues with you not looking at the same place during photos. .. you were very mesmerized by my phone... i am now down 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I would be concerned,  but i am eating healthy,  and you are healthy,  and my BMI is still considered overweight anyway...
This picture is from this morning!

I will say that i am very frustrated with disposable diapers. You have poop explosions out the back and legs almost every morning while you are nursing.  This morning it was so bad that we took a shower together.  We have only had one leak in the cloth diapers so far,  and it was pee, and because the leg was gaping a little.  I wasn't sure how tight the diaper needed to be,  but apparently it wasn't tight enough!  Your dad is still not sold on cloth diapers,  but only because he can't tell if you are wet without opening the diaper.  I can tell though - it feels fuller! 

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