Thursday, November 20, 2014

To my baby kangaroo - Week 10

This week was another part time week at work. Thank goodness, because I need those breaks between work days! Partly because working physically and mentally wears me down differently than being home with a baby, but also because I need those baby snuggles! 

Your two month appointment was last Friday. You were right at 12 pounds, and 23.5 inches long. 90th percentile for both! You had some vaccinations and were not happy about the shots. You cried; there were three syringes full. You spent the day with your dad and grandma and slept all day, and slept all night too. No other side effects, thankfully!
You went to the sitter twice so far this week, and you have a little friend there. He is a couple months older than you and bald, and the sitter puts you on the playmat together. You talk and smile at each other, and she even caught you holding hands! Lol, your first boyfriend (your daddy is not happy about that!). You may go to the sitters on Friday, but it depends on if your dad wants to hunt again or not. He took off work today to hunt because this is the last weekend of deer season and he didn't get anything last weekend. He already got two deer this morning but they were both small. I am convinced we could survive if we were pioneers. Between his hunting and fishing, and my gardening, we would have enough food, I think. 

You are between sizes of 0-3 and 3-6 month onesies. The small ones fit you OK except the arms are a little short and they are not quite large enough to fit over the cloth diapers. 

We ran some errands this week. I had to get my faculty ID card, parking pass and some more information about the class I am teaching this spring. We spent 6 hours in town on Tuesday and you were worn out! (So was I! Carting you around, whether in my arms, or in the carseat, is hard work!)

I am pumping at work, three times during the day. So far I have gotten more than you need to eat at the sitter's house, so I am freezing the excess. You take 12 ounces at the sitter's house (the rule of thumb for breastmilk is a 1 to 1.5 oz per hour), and you are there for 10 hours. I pump 14 to 19 oz between the three sessions. I know if I wasn't taking care of myself my milk production would be less, but I eat lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and drink upwards of a gallon of water a day (not including 1-2 cups of coffee and other liquids). I am definitely hungrier than when I was pregnant. And the weight keeps falling off. I am now down 40 pounds from the day I went into the hospital. I don't mind! My pants are starting to fall off though, and I'm concerned that I am losing muscle mass since I haven't lifted weights in 3 months. 
Once this week you slept from 9pm to 5am. The other nights you slept from 8 to midnight, ate, then slept until 430, ate, and then slept until it was time to get up for the day. If you are sleeping when I wake up I let you keep sleeping so I can eat breakfast and get partially ready for work before I get you up. (I wait to change shirts until you are finished eating because you like to drool on my shoulder...)

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