Wednesday, November 5, 2014

to my baby kangaroo - Week 8

This is my last full week at home with you.  I am simultaneously sad and excited to go back to work. Also a little anxious to be a working mom.  Well, I don't have much of a choice...

You can entertain yourself on your playmat.  I can lay you on it and go shower or work on dinner and you wave your arms around and coo. We are also looking for a bouncer seat for you. At dinner you sit in your swing and watch us. Today at lunch I put you in your highchair and I think you liked sitting higher. 

Last month I picked up this onesie for you. Yes, that is camo with ruffles.  There is a butt ruffle, too. Your dad is getting ready for deer season. 

Yesterday was election day.  You went with me to vote.  It was your second experience voting.  Last time,  for the primaries,  you were still in the womb.  The old folks manning the polls thought you were very cute,  and even gave you an "I voted" sticker. 

We are two weeks into our cloth diaper experience. I love it.  I love that I don't feel like I am wasting a diaper when there is barely anything in it.  I love that our trashcan for the burn barrel isn't full of stinky diapers.  I love the cute fabrics.  I have been washing about twice a week, and have about 35 diapers. I was trying to get into a routine before going back to work.  I know going back to work will present some changes in my routine.  I'll have different prep work in the evenings.  Instead of packing a gym bag and my lunch,  I have to get your milk and diapers ready,  and my lunch and pumping bag.  I don't think I will go to the gym until I stop pumping.  I need to pump at lunch (in addition to two other times), and since I have to pick you up from the sitter by 5:30, I don't have time to go work out. Eventually,  your grandma may pick you up a couple nights a week so I can workout. 

We hit a milestone in nursing.  Yesterday you finally stopped using the nipple shield.  We went all day yesterday and today without it. Finally!  One less thing to think about when I leave the house.  I hope this doesn't change once you start taking a bottle everyday at the sitters.  

The time change messed with your sleep schedule.  Now you go to sleep around 9/930 and wake up around 230/3. Which works better for me.  I am much better rested and not so exhausted by the time I finally get to bed. 

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