Thursday, November 13, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - Week 9

This week we put you in the high chair for the first time. It is a little big for you still, and after I snapped this photo I wedged a small blanket on each side of you to keep you more upright. I thought you might like sitting in the high chair since it sits higher than the swing. Then you're able to watch me better when I'm making dinner. But your swing has a mobile on it, with a toucan and frog, that you like to watch. 

Here you are in the swing, with the mobile moved out of the way. You've started grasping items, like this small stuffed bear that Grandma Wilma made. You like to chew on it, and sometimes I look over at you and you're chewing on the arm but aren't holding on to the bear otherwise... 
We're still doing a little tummy time each day. But you have been stubborn this last week and just lay there with your head down instead of picking it up and working on your neck and shoulder muscles. 
I found a brand of cloth diapers, Rumparooz, that makes diapers with baby kangaroos on them. We now have three of those diapers. They are the cutest diapers in our stash so far. 
You've drooled a lot the last couple weeks, and chew on your hands a lot more than usual. I don't know if you are teething or just finding your hands. I felt around in your mouth for teeth but I don't feel anything. But maybe I don't know what I'm feeling for!
You smile without being prompted. And you sometimes make a laugh, but not a deep belly laugh, more like a giggle as you are inhaling. 
I try to read a story to you each day, too, with you sitting on my lap. This day we were reading from a Curious George collection. 
This was my last day at home with you before I went back to work part time. I'm getting better at taking selfies with you, but definitely took several shots before both of us were in the photo.. lol
I got us a different Ergo carrier. Turns out the other one we had was counterfeit. Craziness. I returned it to the ebay seller and got a full refund, and then got this one. The quality is so much better than the other one! This week I strapped you in it while I vacuumed. 
Showing off some baby leg warmers! They are easier than pants since you are in cloth diapers. Pants aren't typically big enough in the tushy unless we go up a size, and then they are huge everywhere. 

I started back part time at work yesterday. I'm working tomorrow (Friday), and then three days a week for the next three weeks. I start back full time the second week of December. Yesterday wasn't bad, because I had software training the whole day (that I had forgotten about), so I was distracted. I have so many emails to get through, and two code books to read before the Board of Appeals meeting in December. We are adopting the new building codes and I need to review them and make recommendations to the Board before we adopt them...

Your two month appointment is tomorrow and you get some vaccines!

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