Sunday, July 20, 2014

To my baby Kangaroo - 7.20.14

This week, 34, you are probably close to 5 pounds and 18" in length. You are continuing to put on baby-chub. You move around quite often; it feels like you are turning somersaults. Sometimes there is a hard spot but I'm not sure if it's a foot, hand, butt, or your head. You move so fast I can't get a good feel!

We had two awesome baby showers this week. We received some duplicate items that we need to return, several handmade items, tons of clothes and other goodies. Sometime this week I'll probably go to Target and buy some of the stuff we're missing that I think we need. Namely a changing pad & cover, car seat protector, sunshades for the car windows, a mattress protector, baby tylenol & gas drops, CD player and some lullaby CDs, and a trash can for diapers. Barely any of the breastfeeding stuff was bought off the registry, but I'm going to wait and make sure I can breastfeed before I spend money on all that stuff; it may not be returnable.

My symptoms this week:
- sometimes when I wake up in the morning, my hands are numb. I've been reading that carpal tunnel during the later weeks of pregnancy is pretty common.
- My hip joints are still painful, mostly on days that I don't exercise. That's a good reason to go to the gym or stay active! Sometimes my hips pop REALLY loud when I go to stand or sit. And I find I am really stiff if I sit for too long at work.
- I'm feeling less rested. I think because I now get up 3-4 times/night to pee. I tried not drinking as much water in the evening, but then I wake up feeling dehydrated. So I'd rather drink water like normal and pee more often than wake up parched.

It's funny how different people react differently when they see my baby bump. At the shower on Sunday, my great aunt commented that I didn't look very big for being 33 weeks along. She expected me to have a bigger belly. But at my work shower on Thursday, a coworker commented that either my due date must have been calculated wrong or my baby is going to be really big.

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