Sunday, July 27, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - 7.27.14

You are 35 weeks this week, probably between 5 and 5-1/2 pounds, and between 18-20" long.

This Friday, your cousin will make his or her entry into the world. My aunt is having a c-section, and they will finally learn if they having a boy or girl! It will be nice to have another little one in the family, so you have a playmate at family gatherings, and we can go on outings like to the zoo!

Symptoms this week:
Back pain - in my middle and lower back, especially after sitting for too long
Abdominal pain - I think something is stretching. It's always on my right side, between the bottom of my belly and my upper leg. One night I had to use the heating pad because Tylenol wasn't helping the pain subside
Sacroilaic joint pain - I haven't been very active this week and I think that's why this pain is flaring up
Frequent peeing - at least 2x a night, and it seems like every hour at work I use the restroom
Braxton Hicks contractions - after lunch a couple days. My belly got really tight and I had cramps that felt like my period was going to start.

We have a checkup on Monday morning.

Your room is coming together. I'd like to hang some things on the walls, but your crib bedding is on and the rocker and ottoman are ready to go. The side table is stocked with a lamp, breastfeeding stuff (lanolin and breastpads) and snacks. I washed and put away all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes in the dresser and closet, so they are all ready for you.

I am feeling crunch time at work. I leave sticky notes on everything so people know the status of each project. My hospital bag is packed except for my phone, tablet and both chargers. I even packed some clothes and other items for you.

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