Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Farm & Garden Update

 The tomatoes are growing like crazy, despite the lack of rain. The beefsteak, cherry tomatoes and romas have set on.
 The tomatillos have set on as well.

 Sunday night when I got home from the long weekend with the Hubs, my brother helped sight-in the pellet gun. (This is the pellet gun the Hubs bought for me several years ago to injure the groundhogs that were eating my garden.)

The chicks are getting huge! I replaced the feeder yesterday. There's no longer a quart jar feeder in the box; now there's a long (18" or so) feeder about 3" wide.

Our new bull arrived on Monday. He gets to meet the ladies this weekend, but for now he's in the barn.
The sunflowers are blooming.

And the honeybees are still working on the blackberries.

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