Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Usually in my garden, I try not to use pesticides. There are certain instances when it seems impossible to not use a pesticide, such as when spider mites infest tomatoes, or squash bugs infest the squash. Now that I have honeybees, I'm more aware of how I'm treating garden pests.

My go-to pesticides are typically organic:
Dipel Dust - Bacillus thuringiensis
Diatomaceous Earth

I came across this document indicating which pesticides are harmful to honeybees:

Sevin, which is a pesticide that several people in my family swear by, kills honeybees as well as bad bugs. So when the honeybees come over to pollinate the flowers on your garden plants they are killed for doing their job. 

Sunday I noticed that the Diatomaceous Earth was not phasing the caterpillars on the cabbages. I squished all the caterpillars I could find and then dusted the cabbage with Dipel Dust.

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