Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's New

The chicks are now using the larger 3-gallon waterer. I filled it and the one-gallon waterer so they would get used to the larger one and not freak out about not having the smaller waterer. Everything I read about chicks is that they are creatures of habit and they get stressed out at the smallest changes.
 They are eating tons of food. I fill up the long feeder and they empty it out in 24 hours.
 Some of the summer squash have set on.
 Freddy and the white cat are pals. Freddy likes to jump at the cat and the cat playingly smacks him.
Some of the blackberries are turning. They might be ready to pick this weekend.
The japanese beetles arrived. They are eating the blackberry leaves. My preferred method of killing the beetles: squishing between two leaves. Less mess than squishing with my fingers, and no pesticide residue to harm the honeybees.
 The peas finally set on. This seems really late for peas. I'll blame it on the lack of rain.
 We have a new calf!
 A baby praying mantis decided to set up his home on one of the cabbages.
And Freddy gets upset if I don't let him into the chicken house with me. He has become quite the shadow. I'm going to try to start training him how to sit, shake and stay in the coming weeks. He's doing pretty well on potty training. We'll see how well he does with me being gone for five days and depending on others to walk him.

The honeybees are going through a quart of sugar water every 1 to 2 days. Last weekend when it was near 100 degrees, they went through a quart a day. I think I'm going to set up a bird feeder in the orchard, too, so they get other hydration besides the sugar water.

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