Thursday, May 17, 2012

In the garden

 I've learned two things this week about cabbage:
1. It's easier to see the cabbage worms on purple cabbage than on green cabbage. I think from now on I'll only grow the purple varieties.
2. Diatomaceous earth does not work on cabbage worms. They laugh at it. My next attempt will be with Dipel Dust, which is an organic pesticide similar to Sevin, but 1. It's organic and 2. It is not harmful to honeybees.
Since the Diatomaceous earth didn't work on the worms, I just squished them between the leaves.

 The potatoes are blooming!

 So are the sweet peas.
 So is the European Mesclun Salad Mix. Oh wait, that wasn't supposed to bloom, but it's been so dry it bolted.
 And the blackberries are still blooming. It would be hard for me to believe the honeybees don't have a part in the huge amount of berries set on. They are always humming around eating nectar from the blackberry flowers.
 Check out the size of this radish.
 There are two varieties of radishes in this photo: German Giant and Purple Plum. The one you think is German Giant is actually Purple Plum.
 The lilies are blooming.
And the black hollyhocks.

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