Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to injure yourself

1. Decide to paint the wall above the bathroom vanity light fixture.
2. Make sure to tape off the light fixture so you don't get paint on it.
3. Unscrew half the light bulbs from the 6-bulb fixture since they will get really hot and make it sauna-like to paint in the bathroom.
4. Start painting, then (inadvertently!) rest your arm on the light bulb while you're reloading the paint brush with paint.
5. Don't realize that your arm is on the light bulb until you start painting again and wonder why on earth your arm is so hot.

Yes, that happened to me this last weekend. I was painting and burnt my arm pretty badly. I ran it under cold water for awhile and put ice on it. Last Tuesday the blister popped. The blistered area was about 1" square to start with. Wednesday I went to the doctor last Thursday and he gave me a prescription for a burn cream they use on burn victims.

For the last week I've endured questions about my suicide attempt. Seriously. Do I really look that unhappy with life right now? 

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