Monday, October 22, 2012

Anniversary #5

Saturday, October 20 we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. Did you know that the fifth anniversary's traditional gift is wood?

We didn't know that until after the fact... Last weekend we planted 9 fruit trees.
This weekend, we staked an additional 3 of those trees (there are still 3 needing staked, but Lowe's only had 3 more staking kits...)

And we built a compost bin.
It's a 4 foot cube. The slats on the front side of it are removable for when I need to flip the compost over or remove it to put in the garden. My husband is genius.
In addition, I also received flowers, that were delivered in the middle of the night by the "anniversary mouse" and placed beside my coffee pot. I also received a rain gauge/thermometer combo. I'm not sure where to locate it, so it is inside the house still.

I got up early and made cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins. I'll share the recipe this week. They were good, but I was expecting the cream cheese filling to be gooey-er.

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