Thursday, February 27, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - 1/12/14

Last night we announced your impending arrival to your grandparents. I made sugar cookies shaped like baby carraiges and iced them with your anticipated arrival date. After dinner,  your Dad and I announced we had made special, customized desserts and packaged them in individual boxes. We delivered them to the table. My mom opened  her box and noted they were pretty cookies. Then both grandmothers read their top cookies that said "Grandma" and both said "OOhh" a the same time. And then said "It's about time!" I heard my Dad chuckling, and my brother didn't say anything, but ate all of his cookies. I still need to deliver Grandma Betty's cookie box.
This week, I had my first doctor's appointment. The OB/gyn came recommended from a friend who is also pregnant. I think we'll get along just fine - he preaches everything in moderation. He recommended I gain between 20-35 pounds over my pregnancy, closer to 20 since my pre-pregnancy BMI was in the obese range. I've gained about a pound since my pregnancy started. Even though it isn't much, my pants are fitting weirder.
The symptoms I had this week included sore breasts yet again (I think I'll need to buy bras the next size up soon as I am currently experiencing boob muffin-top in my bras.) I also had a lot of nausea this week, even when I was keeping my meals spaced out. I tried ginger candies but they didn't help much.
The doctor calculated my due date as August 31. Seems fitting that you'll be a holiday baby (Labor Day), as I was almost a New Year's baby and your dad was almost a Halloween baby. Right now you're about the size of a kidney bean.
I'm not sure how gardening is going to work this summer; I think I'll need a lot of help weeding and harvesting this year!

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