Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To my Little Kangaroo - 12/29/13

Well, I scheduled our first set of labwork and office visit. By January 9, I'll be just shy of 8 weeks pregnant, I think. I am supposed to come prepared with a list of questions for the doctor - I'm sure I'll have plenty.

The nurse told me to start prenatal vitamins including DHA, as well as an additional 800 mcg of folic acid. I'm to stop all other vitamins, including fish oil. Prenatal vitamins are expensive compared to multivitamins - $18 for 90 days compared to $12 for 300 days! I was also told one cup of coffee a day is OK. I went ahead with my regular strength training routine and some cardio last night. Definitely feel a little more out of breath now. The nurse said to keep my heartrate under 140 - do you know how hard that is? Walking at 3.5 mph with a 1% incline puts my heartrate over that! I'm hoping to talk to my personal trainer next week about modifying (again) my strength routine. We just changed it up last week, when I was pregnant and didn't know it! I also want to discuss the heartrate limit with the doctor.

This week, my symptoms have been increased thirst, slight cramping, and sore boobs/nipples. Without that last symptom I would question my pregnancy even existing. I was surprised that the OB/Gyn didn't require a blood test to confirm as soon as I called her.

This week you are the size of  lentil and starting to grow your human features.

Last week, your Dad melted my heart. He came home, said his typical "Lucy I'm home" at the door, and gave me a kiss and hug. And then he leaned down and spoke to you and kissed my belly.

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