Friday, February 28, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 1/18/14

This week I bought a Bellaband from Target. Think tube top with elastic at the top and bottom in addition to all the spandex. It holds your pants up when you aren't able to button them anymore. It came in handy this week on Jeans Friday - my jeans were digging into my belly just a little and the bellyband made it so I could leave the button undone and my zipper would stay up. Genius device. Also, it only cost $16, which is a lot cheaper than maternity pants. And I'm not near ready to buy maternity pants.

We started telling selected friends this week about you. Next weekend we'll tell my mom's side of the family at our Christmas celebration. Last week I ate lunch with your great-uncle Joe and I thought I was going to spill the beans. We went to Olive Garden, and everything creamy was making me nauseaous - not a good thing when both my favorite soups there are creamy. So I got a calzone instead. The tomato sauce gave me horrible heartburn.

This week, I felt really bloated at the end of the week. Yesterday at work I could not get enough to eat. Same thing today - for lunch I made a grilled cheese sandwich and made myself wait half an hour before making a second one. I'm trying not to gain weight during this first trimester, but it's hard to not eat when my stomach is growling so much. Even drinking plenty of water didn't help.

In addition to aversions to creamy foods, I can't handle seafood right now. I really like fried fish and shrimp, but I can't do the texture right now.

Last weeked, I also found out that you'll have a cousin born around the same time as you - Uncle Will and Aunt Danielle are also expecting in August. I'm already dreaming of trips to the zoo!

I may be going to a conference for work in mid-April. By that time I'll be about 20 weeks pregnant - hard to believe I'll be halfway to meeting you. We are converting to a new software this year - we'll be close to wrapping it up by the time you arrive.

I am thinking about dropping my gym membership. As a City employee, I get free access to our two fitness centers. I used to go to them, but got annoyed at the broken equipment and all the people that were there. But cancelling my gym membership would free up a lot of money - almost $700 a year. I'm concerned if I stop paying for a gym membership that I'll stop going as often. Part of the reason I go now is because I'm motivated by the $55 per month I pay. I want my money's worth!

I know it's early, but I've started thinking of what to put on your registry. I would like to buy a lot of the big stuff used if possible. Your aunt Lyndsey offered to give us the dresser and bed that your cousin Lilah had. They are thinking of getting her a big-girl bed. I can't believe how fast she is growing!

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