Saturday, April 12, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 4.13.14

We're halfway there, unless you decide to stay in there for more or less than 40 weeks!

This week you are the length of a banana, about 6-1/2 inches. Your reproductive organs are continuing to develop.

This week's symptoms:
I woke up with a charlie horse one night. First time I've had one of those in maybe a year.
You started moving so that I could for-sure tell it was you. Several days this week you were kicking me and it felt like karate chops on my intestines.
I'm still hungry every 2 hours. I keep my snack drawer in my desk full of granola bars, keep fruit on top of my desk, and yogurt in the fridge.
I look pregnant. Regular pants with the belly band are no longer as comfortable as maternity pants, and I like the fit of maternity shirts more than nonmaternity shirts. Regular shirts hang off my belly weird and look like a moo-moo.

This week you experienced farm life. I was playing fetch with Freddy and we both noticed a heifer was out of the field and was munching on the neighbor's crops. Dad and my brother were both at work, so I chased the calf into the barnlot by myself. Which involved chasing her around the neighbor's wheat field, down the county road, out of the orchard and into the barnlot. Good thing I had my cowboy boots in my car and didn't have to wear work shoes to do that! The next day Grandma informed me the heifer had gotten out of the barnlot before Dad got home. Who knows where she is getting out - the fence by the road doesn't appear broken. So she's either a jumper or a crawler, over or under the barbed wire.

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