Sunday, April 6, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 4.6.14

Week 19... We're close to the halfway mark!

This week you are about half a pound and about 6" long from head to rump.

Pregnancy symptoms this week?

Bouts of extreme hunger when I was not sure what I wanted to eat but felt like I could eat everything in the fridge. Typically I settle for a banana or Greek yogurt, but sometimes I grab a piece of chocolate or a couple potato chips. I know, not healthy, but sometimes the salt or sweet is what I'm craving.
Stiffness when I sit for more than half an hour. This is a good excuse to get up and move around more often, but doesn't make for a very productive workday...
This was the first week when I looked in the mirror and definitely saw a baby bump. Even your dad mentioned it one morning.

I think I felt you move this week but I'm not sure. You're my first, so I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling for. It felt like I was being rubbed on the inside. And sometimes when I sit with my knees pulled up it gets a little uncomfortable - like maybe you're kicking to try and make more space.

That sinus infection I dealt with last week is finally gone.

I'm required to watch an epidural video or attend the class at my hospital. I chose to watch the online video. Holy crap, an epidural looks scary. Huge needle and risks I'm not looking forward to - including rare complications such as numbness/inability to breathe without a breathing tube, and the shearing off of the needle in the spine - scary crap. I wish I knew some women who gave birth without drugs so we could talk about their pain level - do I really need that epidural?

I've been researching 529 College Savings plans and think I'll make an appointment with my banker next week to discuss. I'm still paying off my student loans but would like to set up a savings plan so we can contribute monthly and put your birthday money in it.

March was my last month of gym membership. I decided to save the monthly membership fee and work out at a City facility (free since I'm a City employee). The equipment is not as good as at the gym, and it is more crowded than the gym, but it is free. I keep telling myself that $55 a month can buy a lot of diapers. Or help with other expenses.

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