Sunday, April 20, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 4.20.14

This week you experienced a lot of "firsts". I went to San Antonio for a work conference. Your "firsts" included:
Riding in an elevator multiple times a day. My room was on the top floor (floor 11) of the Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk.
Dueling pianos - the big banquet night included dueling pianos, cocktails (a mocktail for me, thanks to the awesome bartender - sprite and cranberry juice), and Grammy award winning band Asleep  At the Wheel
A boat tour of the Riverwalk
Two airplane flights, including some turbulence
Mango gelato - mmmm, made me miss Greece!

This week you are the length of a large carrot. Your eyebrows are growing and your reproductive organs are continuing to form. 

My symptoms this week:
I didn't notice anything different from last week. I drink a lot of water and so I pee a lot. I think you are still kicking me, but more like love-taps than karate kicks. 

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