Sunday, April 27, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 4.27.14

Yesterday we had an ultrasound. We found out you are in the 48th percentile for size. Which is pretty near spot on - apparently 50th percentile is "normal". You are about 15 oz. You did not like showing us your face; you kept covering it with your arms and hands. Your heartbeat is around 140 beats per minute; healthy for your age. Your head is about 2" wide, from ear to ear. Your feet are big (that comes from your dad) but your second toe is longer than your first (that comes from me).

And we found out you're a girl. So grandmas will start making frilly things for you.

Your dad is already practicing saying "no"; but I told him it's hopeless. Once he meets you he'll never say no to you. I know it.

This week you are the size of a spaghetti squash. That seems really big after seeing pictures of you. I don't know where they get these vegetable comparisons from! Your eyes are developing although the coloration of your eyes isn't visible yet.

Symptoms this week:
You started moving more. I expect you to move around 9-10 am and sometimes again in the evening when I am exercising, around 5-6pm.
I still have muscle pain in my buttcheeks, but I noticed that if I walk on the trail or track instead of the treadmill, I don't have the pain. Two days this week I walked outside instead of at the gym, and a third day I lifted weights and only did cardio to warm up and cool down.

Since last Saturday I've been plagued with allergies. Drainage, coughing, nasal congestion - Tylenol Sinus doesn't seem to help. Benadryl helps some, but puts me to sleep, so I only take it at bedtime. Hopefully whatever is blooming that is setting off the symptoms will stop soon. I don't feel as bad at home or in the car as I do at work, which makes me think it is something blooming at the office.

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