Sunday, May 4, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 5.4.14

You are 23 weeks this week. 

Yesterday your dad and I started the baby registry at Target. There are still a couple items that we are unsure of, that are important items of course, like the crib and dresser. I'm also still considering adding baby-food making supplies to the list, even though we won't need them for several months after you're born. 

Yesterday we also went to  yard sale that had a lot of baby stuff and bought a bouncy seat that vibrates. It reclines for an infant and also sits up straight as a toddler chair. 

I started making some crocheted baby items. I made this hat from a pattern I found on, in the 3-6 month size. At the same time I think, whoa your head is going to only be the size of a grapefruit at 3 months? And I'm also thinking, whoa, a head almost a size of a grapefruit will be exiting my lady business in four months? Eek! I am currently working on a pair of baby leg warmers in variegated purple-blue-green Sugar & Cream yarn. I have a thing for pudgy baby legs and I hope you have them!

Symptoms this week:
Increased hunger
Increased feeling of fullness - which means lots of small snacks and not eating so much at meal times. 
You are moving more. Last night you were poking me really hard, so hard that I woke up. I walked around and poked you back, trying to get you to move and that didn't help. It wasn't comfortable whether I was sitting, laying, or standing. 
My nipples hurt - this was the first time in several months. I put some lanolin on them and they felt great again. 
Stretch marks appeared on my belly yesterday. 
Nasal congestion - I don't know whether to blame Spring time for this or pregnancy. I'm sleeping with an extra pillow.

This week, my breast pump arrived. Several months early. The company works with insurance to provide a breast pump free of charge. It's a double electric pump by Medela. It wasn't supposed to be here until a month before my due date... But at least it is here and I have one less thing to worry about. Now I need to find a cute bag to put it in.

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