Sunday, May 11, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 5.10.14

Today is Mother's Day. I don't know if it counts as my first or not, since you're still in the womb. But I received a Mother's Day card from my sister-in-law and thought it was very thoughtful. And my mom wished me a happy Mother's Day when I saw her last weekend.

Today starts 24 weeks - you are 6 months now. Shit's getting real. We bought a crib/changing table combo (used, off of the Facebook SEMO yardsale group), today we are going to look and possibly purchase a used jogging stroller, I bought a baby carrier and infant insert off Ebay that arrived this week, and I'm supposed to be compiling names, addresses, and baby pictures of me and your dad for two different baby showers. One is for family, and one is from my work friends/family.

Your dad and I discussed the different items we've been buying. We know they're in good shape before we buy them, so they are safe. And we would rather spend $50 on a jogging stroller rather than a friend or family member buying the $180 (near identical one)from our registry. Then friends and family can focus on the smaller items! We're keeping our eyes out for other items, too.

This week you continued to move. Usually midmorning, late afternoon, and right around bedtime are when you move the most. It feels more like you are doing flips in there and less like the karate chop movements I felt early on. My upper legs and glute muscles continue to pain me when I sit or walk for an extended period of time. It now feels like my hip joints are separating. I know it is due to the relaxin hormone, and this is a good thing to be so limber, but I'm still going to ask the doctor about it.

This week you are about 1-1/3 pounds and the length of an ear of corn. You're supposed to gain 6 oz per week now. Which means I'll gain at least that, and start to REALLY look preggers!

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