Sunday, May 18, 2014

But wait, there's more gardening to report!

Feeling rather ambitious today, I might say. Especially for being 6 months pregnant. (Which makes it increasingly difficult to bend over to plant things because well, my uterus is probably cantaloupe size, a baby kicks me if I am bent over too long, and I get lightheaded sometimes when I stand up too quickly.)
The day started off with me making this cream cheese coffee cake for breakfast. Note: next time, try not to have pregnancy-brain when making. The recipe called for 1 stick of butter in the cake, plus 3 Tbsp of butter in the struesel topping. So I pulled 2 sticks of butter out of the fridge and didn't realize until the cake was mixed and ready to bake that I had in fact put two whole sticks of butter in the cake. And I had to get more butter out for the struesel. In an attempt to salvage the cake, I added a cup of flour and 1/2 cup of sugar. The original recipe called for 3 cups total flour... I think it helped because the cake actually ended up cakey. And delicious. And next time it will get an oatmeal struesel topping instead of a flour-sugar struesel topping, which wasn't crunchy enough.
After breakfast, the Hubs and I decided to work on cleaning out the culvert at the end of the driveway. Technically, it is not our property and we have an easement over the neighbor's property to access our house. But the neighbor just has a hunting cabin out here and doesn't visit too often. When it rains really hard, the culvert can't let the water through because it is so full of sticks, mud and leaves. So we pulled a lot of it out and put it on the side so it will dry and we can burn it next weekend. Because everyone loves a leaf and twig fire to celebrate Memorial Day weekend... (Let's hope the weather cooperates and isn't too windy.)
Then I transplanted the flowers and hostas that I wrote about in the last garden post.
Then I ate lunch and went over to the farm. And helped my brother find kittens that were in the old farm house attic. I could hear them from the main floor, but even with a flashlight we couldn't see them. Then my brother realized they were in the floor. Like between the 1x wood flooring and the sheetrock ceiling. So he pulled up some of the flooring and we found 7 kittens. I think these were the same kittens that were under the BBQ grill a couple weeks ago. So we put them in a wood container and put them in the toolshed. We'll see how long the momma cats leave them there. And if they can find another way into the attic, since we worked on closing up the window. I also found kittens in the fence row. And Dad found more in the garage that are presently behind the garage, hidden under old Ceramo pots.
So then I came back to my house and watched the Hubs work on his shop until he asked if I was ready for him to rototill the garden. Why, yes, that would be fabulous.... And now two hours later, the remaining peppers and tomatoes are planted and mulched with straw. I also planted marigolds, basil, parsley, dill, cilantro and chives between them. I planted a row of acorn squash and summer squash (although the seed is two years old so it might not come up). And a row of kale, lettuce and carrots. (The lettuce I planted several weeks ago may be ready to start eating this week!)
Needless to say, I'm sunburnt and tired, and I have a feeling walking will be a chore tomorrow with this joint pain I'm experiencing. (Which my mom informed me today she also experienced during pregnancy...)

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