Sunday, May 25, 2014

To my baby kangaroo - 5.25.14

Sharing some belly bump photos from the last several weeks. It's crazy how different the bump looks depending on what I'm wearing
Week 21 - also known as the week I stopped wearing my pre-pregnancy shirts to the gym because my belly poked out the bottom of the shirt. Looked a little white trash. 
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
Week 25
This weekend was the big 100 mile yard sale. I don't typically go to yard sales, but we took advantage of the cheap baby clothes... We were looking for some furniture too, like a night stand for the baby's room, and some of the large items from our list like a jogging stroller, pack n play and high chair, but didn't see anything we liked. We got all these clothes and a baby tub for $16.75.
0-3 month
3-6 month
6-9 month
(Um, yeah, the ultrasound better have been accurate, or a little boy may wear a red skirt at Christmas time. ha!)
9 month

This week you are the size of a head of cabbage; I believe it after looking at belly photos. You are about 1-2/3 pounds and are continuing to put on baby chub. 

This week you were moving around a lot. At the doctor's appointment, your heartbeat was 140. 
I asked about the joint pain I'm having in my hips and the doctor said the best thing to do is have the baby. Then it goes away. He's such a hoot... then he said there are some stretches I can do, or use a heat pad or take a hot bath. And he said to not stop moving. Which is a relief; I was afraid he was going to tell me to stop weight lifting and walking but he said to keep exercising. 
This week I peed more often. Several nights I got up more than once.

I had a doctor's appointment this week, and my one-hour glucose test. Which I failed. They said the cut off is a blood reading of 140 after one hour and mine was 153. But I don't see how the test can be accurate at all. There was the equivalent of 3 Sprite cans worth of sugar in an 8 oz bottle that I had 5 minutes to drink. And they didn't take a blood sugar reading before the test; it seems like you'd want to know the "before" reading for comparison... So I have to schedule the 3 hour test within the next two weeks. Because we all know I have tons of time to take off from the office, and a free morning when I can be out of office for that long. NOT! 

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