Sunday, May 18, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 5.17.14

This week you are about a pound and a half, and about 13-1/2" from head to toe. Your hair is starting to grow, your little legs are finally getting chubby, and your lungs are getting ready to breathe.

I found the name for the joint paint I'm feeling: sacroiliac joint pain. From what I've read, tylenol and not moving are two ways to make it not hurt as much. But sitting still for the next several months sounds like a bad idea. I'll see if the doctor has any other recommendations. This Friday is my next checkup and also includes the dreaded glucose test. I've had such a sweet tooth the last several weeks. I hope that's not a indication of gestational diabetes.

I received an invite to your great aunt and uncle's baby shower in June. I RSVP'd, knowing that the only reason I won't be able to go is if the doctor gives me travel restrictions. I've been checking out their baby registry to see what I want to buy for them. 

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