Saturday, August 2, 2014

Garden haul

This is only part of this week's haul. I still need to finish picking the other row of green beans/ yellow wax beans. And more peppers and tomatoes. 

We ate green beans one night at dinner, and I need to figure out how to preserve the rest of these. There aren't really enough to can, so I may blanch and freeze them. 

I wanted to try something new with the tomatoes (this has been a year of having plenty of produce so that I CAN try something new! usually I barely have enough produce to do what I need - tomato juice and crushed tomatoes for chili/soup/etc.) I made tomato jam from the book Food In Jars. You simmer tomatoes with sugar, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, fresh ginger, lime juice and cloves until it thickens almost to a paste, you know, so it is jam-like. It is really tasty (but is has a funny aftertaste which maybe is because I used bottled lime juice instead of fresh lime juice??). The recipe says it is good with a cheese platter. I'm thinking corn bread slathered in cream cheese and tomato jam. Or mixing the jam with cream cheese or chevre to make a dip. 

After I harvest today, I'll probably can more crushed tomatoes or tomato juice. 

Last weekend, Baker Creek had free shipping, so I ordered garlic for fall planting, spinach and culantro (not a misspelling - the Vietnamese version of cilantro). The spinach, culantro and a free packet of red romaine arrived late this week and the garlic will ship in September. Now I need to figure out where to plant it!

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