Sunday, August 10, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 8.10.14

You are 37 weeks today and considered at term. You may still be packing on about 8 oz a week. At my checkup last Monday the doctor said my weight gain was on track - 14 pounds total for the pregnancy so far. (Keep in mind I was overweight when I became pregnant, so the amount of weight I gain is less than if I had been "in shape".) At that appointment, the doctor also said I wasn't dilated at all, so you're still hanging out in there.

My department at work has started a pool and for $1 you can enter a weight, length and date guess. The guesses are all over the place, from August 25 to September 3, and some guessing you at close to a 9 pound baby. (Guess they aren't getting the message that I don't want a c-section??!)

Symptoms this week:
- lots of peeing!
- tired, but not able to sleep as much
- nesting? I see all this produce in the garden and think "We have to take care of this NOW before the baby arrives!" So this week, I canned another 8 quarts and 5 pints of tomato juice/sauce, sliced/seeded and froze another 8 packages of bell and banana peppers. And the Hubs brought home about 6 pounds of cucumbers from a coworker that we're making into relish or pickles this weekend. And I have to pick tomatoes yet again, and weed the onions, and dig potatoes.

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