Saturday, August 16, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 8.17.14

Week 38!

This week you are probably between 6-1/2 and 7 pounds. Your organs are mostly mature, but your brain is still developing and will continue to do so even after birth.
This week I'm pretty sure you "dropped". The ladies at work noticed too; the bowling ball on my frontside seems to be sitting lower. Which means I am able to eat more at one sitting, but also peeing about every 30-45 minutes. And my middle back is starting to hurt.

Symptoms this week:
- increased hunger
- peeing more frequently
- backache
- Friday evening I experienced cankles for the first time. I came home from work and grocery shopping and noticed my ankles and calves were all one width and I couldn't see my ankle bones! I propped up my feet for awhile and the swelling subsided.
- frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, especially after exercising. They were so frequent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening after exercising that I finally conceded and put my hospital bag in my car, just in case I go into labor at work!
- baby girl has hiccups several times a day that last for about five minutes each time. They are funny to experience because my belly starts bouncing and an interval
- at last Monday's doctor's appointment I was dilated about 1 cm. I have another appointment tomorrow mid-morning.
- my belly is too big for me to fit in the weight machines, and lifting anything that requires my abs to flex is really uncomfortable. I stopped lifting weights in the last couple weeks and now am only walking on the treadmill.

As selfish as it sounds... I am glad baby girl has waited to make her arrival. It's given us the opportunity to harvest and put by a lot of produce from our garden. If she had arrived a week or two ago, all that produce would have stayed on the plants and rotted (unless I could convince some family to come harvest and can or freeze for us). I've made several batches of relish, peach salsa, frozen 20+ packages of bell and banana pepper slices for fajitas this winter, several packages of seeded and stemmed jalapenos, several packages of green beans (I didn't have enough to make a full pressure canner so I blanched and vacuum sealed them), and well over 30 quarts of crushed tomatoes and tomato juice. This weekend I am working on tomato sauce/paste and another round of peach salsa.

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