Sunday, November 6, 2011

Calf sale time

 It's that time of year when calves get shipped off to the auction barn. Out of 20 calves, 10 are getting sold this week. We're keeping four heifers and one bull calf, as well as several calves that aren't quite big enough to sell yet.

 Constructing a temporary hay feeder in the barn.
 The bull calf, lovingly named Chuck by my Hubs. A year or so from now he'll be processed and tucked into deep freezers with a new name: Ground Chuck.

On a farm, things get re-used and re-purposed. These feed troughs used to be a water heater.

After all that work separating the calves yesterday, they broke out, tearing the gate off the barn. If you can imagine a bovine version of Ozzy's "Momma I'm Coming Home", that's definitely what was mooed this morning.

We have to re-separate the calves this afternoon!

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