Monday, November 28, 2011

Music Monday: Settlin by Sugarland

The Hubs and I are looking for a house here in the Cape area. There are a lot of nice houses, but they are in the city limits. Or they don't have 5 acres of land. And there are a lot of houses that are the right size and out of town and have some acres, but are priced way too high. I'm not sure you should really price a house at $140,000 if there are comparable sized houses that price, but that are updated. There was one I looked at online last week with that kind of price on it, but all the finishes were from the 70s and in desperate need of updating. We're talking white bathroom cabinets with gold painted trim, and dark kitchen cabinets. We're talking old bathroom fixtures with toilets that are still 3 gallons per flush. We aren't in a rush to find a house. We still need to sell the one out in Springfield and the Hubs doesn't graduate until May. I have free lodging right now living with Grandma. We're trying to avoid paying two mortgages at once. I like what the Hubs said "We aren't settling" for something less than what we want. The right price. The right size. The right location.

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